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Clients say I: build creative leaders, make people better, and get people having honest conversations.

I’m driven by helping people and organizations show up in a way that helps them create alignment and ease with themselves, solid resilient leadership with those they love and lead, a healthy productively contagious culture, and ultimately positive impact in the world.

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Hello! Thanks for visiting. You can get my formal bio, and more information on myself and this work, sprinkled throughout this site. In the meantime, a bit about me, from ME, to YOU.

I am Anese. I’m an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, the creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®), a leadership and culture advisor and coach, an impact strategist, and a thinking partner for business leaders in many different industries. I’m also a mom, a dog rescuer, a sister, daughter, friend, and an advocate for children’s food and confidence security. I love people. I love the human spirit. I love purpose. And I love what happens when we all show up together (virtually or in person)!

I founded this business, and have built this body of work over the last 20 years, because I know the essentialness of Showing Up, being present and intentional, and taking care of ourselves in relationship to healthy leadership and creating a positive impact in the world. Seeing the effects of this work on others, and experiencing it for myself, continue to create an insatiable hunger and drive for paying-it-forward even further.

It’s quite a long story, so in the interest of “no noise” and let’s get to it, here’s the scoop.


Who works with me?

The people who come to this work essentially want to lead more effectively and have more impact (without burning themselves out). They care immensely about the people they lead, their families, and the work they do. They want to be better, show up better, lead better, serve better, think clearer, and likely also would love to be a bit more gracious with themselves in the process.

The people who come to me for private work or our more intensive programs (generally senior leaders and executives) come because they either: 1) want to have more influence and impact, 2) want more clarity for themselves and what they’re dealing with (and need a safe, competent, honest, and “unagendad” clean space to create it), 3) want to show up even better (for themselves and others) to create solid relationships, businesses, results, and whatever else is meaningful to them, 4) need a strategic thinking partner — outside their organization or circle — who is well-versed in culture, leadership, relational dynamics, and performance, and the behaviors, beliefs, and policies that can sabotage or accelerate all of these things. Or, 5) all of the above. (Usually, it’s a combo of all of the above.)

The organizations who come to me essentially want a healthier culture (whether they’re coming to me in “triage” or “optimization” mode) that enables people to create more impact together. They want to create an organization that honors people; cultivates connection and authentic productive collaboration; inspires one’s best work; is safe to show up and take risks in; feels good to be in; fosters an energy of leadership, accountability, and care; supports the whole human (aka no burnout), and that ultimately generates a contagious culture of excellent performance, solid customer and partner relationships, and better results and financial outcomes.

In both cases, whether it is an individual or an organization coming to me, both are deeply entwined in culture creation and the powerful impact of making culture. The leader creates the culture by how he/she/they show up; the organization creates the “container” of the culture that allows and inspires people to show up brilliantly, authentically, and doing their best work.


How do I work with people? 

After twenty years leading this work in many many many different pathways and packages and in a pandemic, you can now access this work in a way that meets you where you’re at with budget, time, geography, and appetite. I share this with you because it’s a huge part of my intention and heart; to be able to support those who want it to kick leadership butt AND be incredibly awesome with themselves in the process, AND to be able to support them at any level they wish to step.

You can now access this work through self-paced online programs, live monthly learning labs, having me speak to your organization or at your conference, or via private engagements (which might include coaching, consulting, and/or training).

  • Our online programs and labs can be purchased directly on this site (and/or licensed to your organization for group access).
  • Speaking will require an “Entry Point Questionnaire” (live or virtual) (or we can refer you to our agency if you prefer going through an agency).
  • Private coaching, consulting, and training all require a live exploratory consult which may include an individual or cultural assessment to determine best solutions and the appropriate level of engagement to create your desired results. Please contact us here so that we can send you the correct information to get started.


Some of my beliefs that support me (and also in this work):

  • I believe that optimizing leadership and presence is essential in the world of impact; that being in integrity with ourselves and at choice as “author” of our lives are two of the greatest superpowers we have; that receiving and self-care are leadership skills; and that being intentional and accountable for showing up and creating magic in our world (yes, magic, I still believe in magic) is how magic and good stuff happens.
  • I believe in being relentless and gracious in creating what we want.
  • I believe in determination, grace, grit, and stoic joy more than I do in optimism and going for “happy” all the time.
  • I believe in kindness and discernment.
  • I believe in paying-it-forward and doing even the littlest thing to help things go right.
  • I believe that we are response-able for building our own resiliency and impact (and that it’s better when we help each other out here).
  • I believe that each one of us ARE the culture, culture is an inside-out-job; we create it together starting with being responsible for our own leadership and impact first.
  • And I believe that the clearer we are about our Intentions, the cleaner we are with our Energy, and the more Present (IEP) we are to ourselves and each other, the easier all of the above, in building healthier leadership and culture, becomes.


My team and I pay-it-forward: 

We do our best to pay this work forward in multiple ways and we do it in community. When you participate in this work with me, you pay-it-forward, not only with the people you love and lead, but in supporting others. We contribute 10% of our monthly profits to supporting food security. Another 10% go into our Impact Scholarship Fund which expands access to our programs to leaders from traditionally underserved and underrepresented groups, or who’ve been significantly impacted by the pandemic, for whom paying full fees in our programs would be prohibitive in helping them get the support they want/need.


Handy links and shortcuts to learn more:

I can be found on podcasts, in columns, on (virtual) stages, on my blog, and of course out on pixels in social media (see my handles above). Please say hi!

  • The program offerings above will take you directly to the different programs listed.
  • For our store with swag and programs, right here.
  • For media boilerplates, headshots, and other handy information head over to the press kit.
  • For more on my “about,” take a look at my private work page (referenced above).
  • For tools, free info, and notes from me, sign up here.
  • For endorsements and what others have said about this work, look at the speaking page and also clients.
  • For when we’re doing what, check out the calendar.

In the meantime, thank you for visiting, enjoy the site, please partake in what we have here for you, and I hope to meet you one day.

To your impact,


*Photo credits for site go to Wendy Yalom and Margot Duane. Site magic by Jef Lear, Telegraf.

My mission in life has been to create joy and purpose in all of my business endeavors. Anese is any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out. Her talk was so popular that months later my fellow executives are still talking about it. Her work is transformative and she does it with heart.

Chip Conley

Founder, Joie De Vivre

I am incredibly pleased to provide a recommendation for Anese. I was introduced to her by a colleague who was thrilled with her work at their company. After reading her books CONTAGIOUS YOU and CONTAGIOUS CULTURE, I knew that 2020 was the year that we needed her talents more than ever. We sent out hundreds of books internally and she customized a 4 part series, engaging with over 2500 people in more than 12 countries. She taught us how important this work is RIGHT NOW. The energy of how we show up transcends technology, and location and world events and it is up to each and every one of us, to check in and to LEARN how to embrace and change HOW WE SHOW UP. Her engaging approach as a speaker and moderator drew in all levels of employees at the bank and even the most senior and accomplished executive reported the lessons they learned from an hour with Anese. THANK YOU Anese for the positive ENERGY you brought to our experience and for being the light we all desperately needed in 2020. If you haven’t yet experienced “The Anese Effect” I encourage you to not wait another moment.

Michelle (Mick) Lee

Managing Director, Global Head of General & Shared Services, BNY Mellon

For more client shares and experiences, please visit our Clients page.

Thank You!

Anese is a remarkable “force multiplier” for business, and made a profound impact with our team using the IEP method. She has deep insight into herself and others, and brings that unique skill to bear in helping people unlock parts of themselves which may be holding themselves or the business back. I can say without a doubt that Anese was, and continues to be a game changer for our business. She is one of the most credible, insightful and transparent people I know, and her professional presence has truly elevated the art of the possible, enabling us to move into previously unimagined levels of high performance.

Chris Burt

Chief Human Resources Officer, Publicly traded company (financial services)

You can’t deny the unparalleled level of energy that Anese brings into (and out of) the organizations she works with. The energy of leadership dramatically affects a company top to bottom and she’s figured out how to set up an entire staff to be completely present, engaged and contributing at the highest levels.

Paul Spiegelman

Chief Culture Officer / Founder / Co-Author, Stericycle / BerylHealth / NYT Best Seller Patients Come Second

Anese’s guidance and approach to leadership have been essential to our growth as an organization and my own personal peace and leadership effectiveness. So much so that we are using one of her programs and methodology as the foundation and core curriculum for our Executive Leadership Institute. Her warmth, passion, and ability to operate in a strategic, truthful, compassionate, and powerful but playful manner are unmatched in today’s leadership environment. She is a model for women business leaders everywhere.

Michelle Morrison

CEO, Youth Guidance Organization

Anese is an incredible side-by-side collaborator. She helps us focus on what’s most important to us — our people. We consider her a core part of our talent strategy, looking forward to each next step together.

Duane Bray

Partner & Head of Global Talent, IDEO

… She embodies authenticity and comes armed with a diverse toolkit that allows her to not only move adeptly with changing dynamics, but change course on a dime to facilitate in the moment in service of her client’s needs. Her work at my organization has been broad and deep, to include private, individual coaching with our directors, partnering with our founders, team dynamics and facilitation with our leadership team and we’ve been able to have her bring her core methodology for energy and presence to our entire organization for a company-wide group experience. Her approach is holistic, powerful and passionate all at the same time. I highly recommend Anese to any individual or organization who is looking for a leadership coach and facilitator who knows how to engage with people with integrity, heart and professionalism.

Karen Lemen

Director of People + Talent, Cooper

…We’ve woven Anese’s approach to energy management into almost every element of our work and culture. Without question it has helped to improve our service, the quality of our workplace, the quality of the daily experience … We’ve adapted it in the same way that we’ve adapted Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership, Peter Block’s Stewardship, Jack Stack’s Open Book Finance, and Fred Reichheld’s work on Net Promoter Scores …We like working with Anese … it is definitely making a positive difference in our organization.

Ari Weinzweig

CEO/Co-Founder, Zingerman's

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