IEP-Trained Stewardship Program Application

Dear beautiful human who is interested in stepping into IEP Stewardship,

Hello hello!! I am very excited to dig into this work with you!

I’d love to get a few Stewardship Reflections/Info from you to help us explore if this is a phenomenal fit for you and the upcoming cohort.

Please complete this form and hit submit at the bottom. You’ll want to run through the Qs below, take as little or as much time as you wish, answer thoughtfully and authentically, and then once you hit “submit” we’ll both get a copy. Shortly after that, my team will be in touch with next steps.

Looking forward to joining you on this adventure and grateful for your interest, time, trust, and energy,

PS. Remember that you can access the official IEP Stewardship Training information and overview, right here. It has all the requirements, details, and common FAQs we think you’ll need at this point to support you in this process. As always, if we’ve missed any, just ask!

Application Qs

Intent, Foundation, Hopes, Dreams, & Getting Down to It:

Why IEP Stewardship? What’s important about this work to you?
What is your primary intention for being an IEP-Trained Steward?
What do you want to make sure you get out of this training?
Who will you be sharing the IEP work with? (ie. colleagues, clients, students, peers, your team,etc.) How do you plan to use this work primarily? (ie. facilitating the 1/2-day session and/or in 1:1 coaching? And internally in your organization ONLY and/or with outside clients?)
What is your background in facilitation, training, teaching, and/or coaching?
Have you had formal training in, and/or do you hold a certification in, facilitation, training, teaching, and/or coaching? If so, who with?
Approximately how many years/hours have you spent coaching? Training? Teaching? Facilitating?
Are you considering IEP-Certification and going deeper into the work? (Certification expands toolkit, personal IEP work, and the breadth of your license. All info is on the original Stewardship Info document.)
What is your biggest challenge, personally, so far in optimizing or even managing, your own IEP?
What is your biggest challenge in sharing the IEP work (if you have); what’s the trickiest thing to relay/share/communicate?
Where do you feel you will need the most support in your own IEP? In Stewarding the work?
What are your hopes and dreams for Stewardship? Any nerves or concerns or things you’d like to “get in front of”?
How will you personally set yourself up for success to Steward well? Are you willing to invest the time, energy, heart, and finances necessary to train well and be the best Steward to your abilities?
Who are your biggest advocates and partners inside your organization for bringing IEP and Stewardship in? Who will your “Support Posse” be?
Anything else you want me to know?
Your Name:
Your Email:

Thanks so much! Enter your name and email, hit submit above! You’ll get a copy, I’ll get a copy, and we’re off!

More soon, big gratitude and respect for BEing, enjoy your day, and keep on IEP’ing!


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