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IEP School: Relationship + Team Mastery (L2) [$495]

The next level of IEP School! Building on your personal and self-mastery (the foundation of YOU), we now go into relationship and team mastery. This level of IEP School brings you the core modules of Crafting Teams that Lead, Crafting Feedback, and Crafting Alignment — our three most popular modules devoted to up-leveling your relationship and teaming game. With new videos, tools, and resources integrated into our original guides (and what we know works best after years and years of applying this content with leaders and organizations all over the world), this upgraded program has been built on our new training platform. We’re delighted to bring it to you now!

Work through the modules provided on your own (and/or with your team) to build your leadership skills, create shared language, and cultivate a stronger relationship with feedback, difficult conversations, creating agreements, and more. Each module includes a fieldwork and implementation guide, “craft notes” (which are the condensed “cliff notes” version of each guide), videos, audios, transcripts, and additional resources and exercises to support the content. 

We’re so excited about this!

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Change your relationship with feedback — giving it and receiving it — so that it is something that is honored and celebrated vs. dreaded and sugar-coated
  • Give and receive feedback directly and productively (even on the hard or intangible stuff) — effective, actionable, and healthy
  • Create agreements as a team to foster a safe and honest environment for risk-taking, authenticity, and real truth telling
  • Understand the dynamics and stages of teaming and where you’re at so you can navigate it even more intentionally and effectively
  • Build your team intentionally, and effectively
  • Create alignment, internally and externally, with yourself and your team
  • Understand congruency in a new way and how it impacts your leadership presence, your trustworthiness and credibility, and your relationship with others
  • Eliminate or re-design for tolerations, noise, chaos, and negative relationships that don’t serve your energy or your organization
  • Process and navigate conflict so that it is out in front of you, vs. in between you – and so that you GROW from it
  • Proactively and co-actively co-design your relationship with team members, direct reports, partners, your boss, your spouse, your humans…
  • Become a better leader to your team, your peers, your kids, your partner, yourself

Program Includes:

  • The Crafting Teams that Lead, Crafting Feedback, and Crafting Alignment Modules w/Implementation Guide with videos, audios, and tools to support
  • The Craft Map (In fact, here’s a preview! As there are too many outcomes and benefits to list here, best to check out the “Craft Map” which is a part of our signature programs and lists the benefits and overviews of each module listed above. You’ll have access to the 3 Teaming Modules in the Craft Map.)
  • Training Videos
  • 1 Year of The Beat

Self-Paced Program
$495 per user

Want to do this with your team? Wonderful. We love it when you do that (and your team will too)! Contact us for team discounts and organizational licenses for teams of 5 people or more.

$495 per user

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