Bethany Crouch

Anese has an absolute enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She is about changing the way people interact with each other… The stuff that we learned today over the course of the last few hours we can take into our business lives, into our family relationships into our personal relationships… Just how I am going to show up in the world will be shifted because of this time we were able to spend together. I’ve attended other meetings, I’ve attended other workshops where you are really just sitting in the audience and you are being talked at. This was more of a conversation. Anese brings with her this wealth of experience and knowledge and also her enthusiasm and passion and that just translates out into the audience. Part of what is really spectacular about this particular program, is that the people it attracts are just a higher caliber. The people who I met today, many of them are people who I will now have business relationships and that’s exciting in and of itself.

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