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Every engagement has deep meaning…  

There is no greater joy than watching the ripple effects of good people doing this work together. We consider each engagement with every client a special partnership. Some partnerships are shorter, laying the foundation or addressing a specific need in time. Some are deep, holistic, and grow for years. Listed here are some of the organizations we’ve worked with as well as some of their stories shared below. Many of our engagements with clients (several of whom are of the Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 Lists) are confidential and by personal referral only, so you will not find all shared here. That said, this page will give you a sense of this work and the results of it.

Please note: We’ve kept this page pure to honor client engagements, if you’d like to read shares and endorsements from readers of CONTAGIOUS YOU, CONTAGIOUS CULTURE, and THE LEADER YOU WILL BE, please check out each page. Thanks!

Promise Wine
Anthony Wilder Design/Build
Sackett & Associates
Sam Bernstein Law Firm
Perlis Wellness Center
Probility (Physical Therapy)
Ensign Services

Sound Community Services
Henry Ford Health System
Swedish American Health System
John Hopkins University
Government Sector: US Navy, CDC
Law Enforcement
Placer County Association of Realtors
SAC Women’s Council of Realtors
Illinois Society for Association Executives
Wonderland Center
Youth Guidance Organization
YGO’s Parent Leadership Conference
State of Wisconsin
Tustin Unified School District
SAI Iowa
University of Phoenix
Destination Aesthetics

University of Michigan
USC Marshall
Zingerman’s Community of Businesses
Joie De Vivre Hospitality
Domaine Carneros
BiRite Market/COB
McDonald’s Corporation
BP Amoco
GM Financial
BNY Mellon
Kaiser Permanente
Yetter Tax 

Anese Cavanaugh has identified the elusive secret ingredient of great leadership that hundreds, if not thousands, of other[s]… have missed. She calls it Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP), and it will change the way you run your business.

Bo Burlingham

Former Editor-at-large, Inc. Magazine

We signed up for IEP-103 for the entire organization – more than 100 people across all departments and regions. We made it into a friendly competition by creating an IEP Olympics and dividing the org into cross-functional teams so that there was 1) incentive to complete the programming by certain dates and 2) interaction among people who may not ordinarily get to work together. What has been so profound is not just the level of enthusiasm and adoption of the methodology, but the variety: each individual has taken something a little different from the framework or the way they apply it in their life. Furthermore, IEP has given us a common language – again, across the whole org – to support one another and find new ways to shine.

Two of the greatest shifts I see now are, first, in the common language for the company: it’s something Americans and Dutch can connect on, Engineers and Marketers, executives and early career individual contributors. It’s unifying and that is transformative. Second, many members of the BlueCrew have commented on how they are using it to change their perspective on things – it’s a tool for us to take a more constructive, positive approach even when things are tough: hard conversations with difficult customers; off days when the world is a lot (which is often!); or confidence to try new things that feel out of the comfort zone which leads to growth and development. Bringing IEP into our organization has been a transformative effort in ways big and small and we’re just getting started.

Cory Munchbach

COO, BlueConic

Anese is a remarkable “force multiplier” for business, and made a profound impact with our team using the IEP Method. She has deep insight into herself and others, and brings that unique skill to bear in helping people unlock parts of themselves which may be holding themselves or the business back. I can say without a doubt that Anese was, and continues to be a game changer for our business. She is one of the most credible, insightful and transparent people I know, and her professional presence has truly elevated the art of the possible, enabling us to move into previously unimagined levels of high performance.

Chris Burt

Chief Human Resources Officer, Publicly traded company (financial services)

I am incredibly pleased to provide a recommendation for Anese. I was introduced to her by a colleague who was thrilled with her work at their company. After reading her books CONTAGIOUS YOU and CONTAGIOUS CULTURE, I knew that 2020 was the year that we needed her talents more than ever. We sent out hundreds of books internally and she customized a 4 part series, engaging with over 2500 people in more than 12 countries. She taught us how important this work is RIGHT NOW. The energy of how we show up transcends technology, and location and world events and it is up to each and every one of us, to check in and to LEARN how to embrace and change HOW WE SHOW UP. Her engaging approach as a speaker and moderator drew in all levels of employees at the bank and even the most senior and accomplished executive reported the lessons they learned from an hour with Anese. THANK YOU Anese for the positive ENERGY you brought to our experience and for being the light we all desperately needed in 2020. If you haven’t yet experienced “The Anese Effect” I encourage you to not wait another moment.

Michelle (Mick) Lee

Managing Director, Global Head of General & Shared Services, BNY Mellon

The IEP work has helped us maximize our investments in other training we’ve done in the organization. It’s proven to be the missing ingredient to the other training initiatives we’ve rolled out. Before IEP we had people doing the training they received; they’d learn it, go back to work, “do it,” but not fully embody or own it. After IEP we had people being the work, showing up better, and being more intentional about their impact and the way they practiced new leadership behaviors and skills. There has been a new level of accountability for people owning their part in the environment we’re creating together. I was not sure how well ideas like intentions, energy, and presence would do in our organization, however, this work has been the “intangible thing” that’s making our people and our culture better. You can feel the difference.

Organizational Executive

CHRO, Fortune 500 Organization

Anese Cavanaugh’s presentation to Henry Ford Health System not only resonated, inspired, and energized our people, the application of what we experienced made an immediate impact (and is still continuing to ripple a month after). For me, I used it by 10a the next day, TWICE! I took it home with me. I saw an immediate effect on how I showed up with people, and how that influenced how they showed up with me. I am not the only one; I now attend meetings where other attendees are bringing what they learned. The application of Anese’s work and the impact of her presence continues to grow and is absolutely contagious. Anese is contagious. She is funny, clever, present, and brings a level of care and authenticity to the stage that invites people to embrace this work in ways that are real for them, creating immediate impact and their own kind of contagiousness. We’re still buzzing. Thank you Anese for sharing your brilliance with Henry Ford Health System!

Patricia Seagram

Vice President, Human Resources North Market, Henry Ford Health System

Anese teaches us how absolutely critical it is to align one’s physical and emotional health with the way we live our daily lives at work; encouraging each of us to get at our true passions and to pursue a single, coherent life that’s true to who we are; making clear that the more effectively we’re able to do that every day the more effective our leadership is going to be; and that the more effectively we’re able to do all of that the more effectively our organizations are going to run… From what I know and have heard, I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who’s equally open to it will benefit from what Anese is offering, many times over. Her work is an investment in ourselves and our organizations that—given the challenges of the times—is more meaningful than ever.

Ari Weinzweig

CEO & Co-Founding Partner, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Anese is an incredible side-by-side collaborator. She helps us focus on what’s most important to us—our people. We consider her a core part of our talent strategy, looking forward to each next step together.

Duane Bray

Partner & Head of Global Talent, IDEO

We were fortunate to have Anese as our keynote speaker for our annual WIRexec conference in SF. The content was essential for leadership today, especially as women in leadership out to create a great impact in their lives and organizations. Her talk brought us back to ourselves in recognizing our presence as impact in today’s world, the necessity of self-care in showing up, and the gift of refocusing ourselves on ourselves in order to create that impact. I’d highly recommend Anese for any keynote where you want inspiration and application in the moment that follows people home and sticks. Months after our conference, people are still talking about her message. She brings a level of authenticity and inspiration to this conversation that is a gift in today’s “richly scheduled” world.

Kristen Luck

Advisory, Growth Strategy, & Investment Banking

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves, but that’s much easier said than done. Anese’s workshop helped us accomplish more self-change in four hours than most of us are able to do in four years! We host a lot of workshops for our students here at University of Michigan, but this one might be the best yet.

Jeff Sorensen

Co-found of optiMize & Direcotr for Social Innovation, University of Michigan, College of LSA

I always knew that my energy and presence had an impact, I could FEEL it. But for the longest time, I couldn’t put words to the experience and I wasn’t able to fully express my knowledge to colleagues, friends or family. Anese Cavanaugh and her Intentional Energetic Presence course and material have given me the words I’ve been LONGING FOR all my life! She has given me the science and data to back up what I knew was true- and I will be forever grateful for her time, energy and passion for leadership and intention. Take the IEP Fundamentals course- it’s a fabulous introduction to how YOU impact the room.

Margaret Smith

CEO, I Love It When, LLC

My experience with Anese and IEP has been outstanding. I’ve attended her IEP Live! workshops with my team and every time we come back with renewed awareness of our relationships with ourselves and each other. It’s been the reason the cohesiveness of our team has been so strong — resulting in no turnover for four years and a designation on the 2017 Forbes 25 Small Giants Best Small Businesses in America. Humbling!

At imageOne, half of our Team Members are located throughout the United States. When the opportunity arises to send an individual to one of her workshops near to their location, it’s a no brainer. And, the feedback from the team is always positive x10. We utilize Yammer as our internal communication and the posts are always thoughtful, inspiring, and heartfelt following a Team Member’s attendance at one of Anese’s workshops.

Rob Dube

President, imageOne

Anese’s guidance and approach to leadership have been essential to our growth as an organization and my own personal peace and leadership effectiveness. So much so that we are using one of her programs and methodology as the foundation and core curriculum for our Executive Leadership Institute. Her warmth, passion, and ability to operate in a strategic, truthful, compassionate, and powerful but playful manner are unmatched in today’s leadership environment. She is a model for women business leaders everywhere.

Michelle Morrison

CEO, Youth Guidance

Anese is an utter delight. Amazing storyteller. Impactful philosophy. Charismatic and engaging. Absolutely incredible. Walked away feeling inspired and empowered. The way she explained her information was in such an engaging, easy-to-understand way. Loved this session. The energy and mindset were incredible. The room burst out into the loudest applause I’ve heard so far. The poem was fantastic. I can’t wait to read her books.

Audience Comments

Contagious You Session, 2019 HubSpot INBOUND Conference

Anese took the stage at the Small Giants Summit in 2018 and delivered a powerful & impactful presentation on IEP and intentional leadership. Her style, way of connecting with the audience and content is exceptional. It was one of the highest rated sessions of the summit!

Hamsa Daher

Executive Director, Small Giants Community

I had no idea what leadership meant until I met Anese Cavanaugh. I began working with her on developing my business model. As a physician, we were not taught how to manage staff or even work as a team. I’ve learned how important it is for me as a Leader to bring positive energy and to be congruent with my beliefs. Anese helped me create a strong team, how to work with each person, and how to be an integral part of that team while leading them. She taught me how to create a positive environment, and create shared outcomes and accountability with my staff. The most significant piece for me has been in how I feel, my energy, my alignment with my objectives for myself and for patient care. I’ve gotten very clear on what I need to do, and the presence I need to have, in order to be the leader I want to be. Even three years, after our initial work began together, the impact continues to grow and create ripple effects on my team, our patients, and our business’ success.

Cheryl Perlis

MD & Founder, Perlis Wellness

The Contagious Culture book and the IEP Live training are making a significant impact on the Tustin Unified School District.  Our greatest asset is our people, and the degree to which we can help them share their best-selves will determine the service that we provide.  Folks are taking care of themselves, so they can be in service to our students. 

Gregory A. Franklin, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Tustin Unified School District

I have worked with Anese consistently for over four years and I continue to reap the benefits of our work together from day one. I have said this many times before, but she changed my life. She taught me how to lead authentically and in turn my impact on others, and in the world, has changed. I attribute much of my professional as well as personal success to Anese and had it not been for her, my business and personal relationships would have continued to go downhill. And I would not have had the tools and the courage to start my own business. If you are feeling like your work could be better and/or your relationships could be better and you could be having a greater impact in this world—don’t walk—run to work with Anese. She is like rocket fuel for impact.

Michele Serro

CEO, Doorsteps

You can’t deny the unparalleled level of energy that Anese brings into (and out of) the organizations she works with. The energy of leadership dramatically affects a company top to bottom and she’s figured out how to set up an entire staff to be completely present, engaged and contributing at the highest levels.

Paul Spiegelman

Chief Culture Officer of Stericycle, Founder of BerylHealth, & Co-Author of NYT Best Seller Patients Come Second

Anese Cavanaugh is a trailblazer in creating new strategies about what it means to be a courageous leader in today’s market. Her fresh ideas are powerful, energizing and address what companies need to do to create healthy and engaged workforces where people thrive.

Jenny Misirli, MAED

Director of Enrollment, University of Phoenix

My favorite speaker of any session I’ve ever sat in!!! She was excellent! Very relevant, useful and engaging information shared. Her knowledge translates to any industry and I plan to learn more from her. She represented everything she spoke about. Every one of the 45 minutes was valuable!!! Amazing speaker, even more amazing message. Love sessions like this! I can’t say enough good things about her!! Please bring her back. Without a doubt my favorite session at this year’s event!

Audience Comments

INBOUND Session (4x Speaker), HubSpot INBOUND Conference

Anese’s work with energy in leadership and culture is retroactively obvious and obscenely profound. This is the secret sauce our company has been missing and unable to put a finger on. We’ll be looking to integrate this throughout our culture ASAP.

Thomas Walter

CEO, Tasty Catering

There was not just “one” moment. In addition to experiencing my own personal awakening and growth, I was also able to share in the experiences of the others’ (attendees) awakening as well. 

Lee'ah Giaquinto

Sam Bernstein Law

…to say she has been catalytic in helping unlock new layers of self-awareness and personal insight would be an understatement… Fantastic.

Paul Bennett

Managing Partner, IDEO

Our work as an organization is focused on the health and well-being of administrators​,  so it’s no surprise that Anese was the perfect keynote speaker for our conference. ​With her passion and authenticity, Anese ​highlighted the powerful impact ​of attention to our own physical, emotional, and relational energy. She challenged our thinking and ​reminded us of the control we have over how we show up for ourselves, our families, and all those we serve.

Dana Schon

Professional Learning Director, School Administrators of Iowa

…We’ve woven Anese’s approach to energy management into almost every element of our work and culture. Without question it has helped to improve our service, the quality of our workplace, the quality of the daily experience … We’ve adapted it in the same way that we’ve adapted Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership, Peter Block’s Stewardship, Jack Stack’s Open Book Finance, and Fred Reichheld’s work on Net Promoter Scores …We like working with Anese … it is definitely making a positive difference in our organization.

Ari Weinzweig

CEO/Co-Founder, Zingerman’s

I’ve come away with just a whole tool belt full of tools, depending on the situation, that I can do either by myself or before a meeting to actually intend what I want my presence to be. And that, also, I’m responsible for my impact. What also really surprised me was how incredibly intuitive we all are. I don’t think any of her exercises were more than a minute. And some people I didn’t know at all. And she just threw us in. And I really saw that within 30 seconds somebody could intuit things about me, what I needed to do for my leadership or things that I could do to have greater presence, that were right on. I really feel like IEP is completely native to how we’re wired as human beings. It’s a power that when we’re not intending, has complete impact on the room, and when we do intend with positive intent, the power is actually limitless. Anese has developed this subtle, powerful, “ninja” way of helping us understand IEP with specific, simple, easy tools to do it with that when put all together, can really change cultures and I actually think can change the planet.

Alison Macondray

Principal, Alimat, Inc.

Your ability to connect with the crowd and relate the topic at hand to our real lives put you at the top of the list for favorite session in participant feedback. People were literally going into sessions afterwards using your acronyms. Thank you for your time, energy, and commitment to this work.

Event Executive Team

Parent Leadership Conference, Youth Guidance Organization

After more than a year working with Anese, I can say without reservation that she can bring out the best leadership skills in every member of your team. She makes people mesh. She super powers your teamwork. And she makes cultural change look easy. Stop arguing, call her.

Alan Cooper

Founder & President, Cooper

My biggest takeaways (from today’s IEP Live event) is the idea that we all, as individuals, have the ability to affect our impact. That we own the energy we bring to a room and the presence. And these subtle but very powerful elements of how we affect people are all in our own power to control. And that even by the most subtle shifts you can really create the kind of impact that you want to see just by being aware and by showing up in a certain way. It’s really brilliant how Anese creates these frameworks that bring together all of these different pieces. And she’s able to bring it all together in a way that actually makes a lot of sense, is not intimidating, and is highly impactful.

Sally Sosa

People & Culture Lead, IDEO

Anese worked with our team in many capacities to help us work better and more effectively as a team. She’s been instrumental in providing us with tools and methods to help along the way. Her workshops are fabulous, engaging and inspiring and bring teams together in a very positive atmosphere. Not only that, Anese has great abilities to respond and react to the team she’s working with to get the maximum output each time.

Whenever a company is in need of better leadership and cohesive vision I always recommend Anese. She’s also a great career coach and advisor and has helped our team individually in very positive ways. Anese has had a huge impact on my career personally and I feel that impact every day.

Nick Myers

Managing Director, Cooper

Anese is nothing short of amazing. She came recommended to me by a former colleague who had also been recommended Anese. After initially speaking with Anese on the phone, I was excited to bring her into my organization to provide leadership coaching. Others within my organization have tried to bring in others coaches with little degree of success. From the get go, it was evident that Anese was able to command a room of highly skeptical, but eager to learn directors, with an appropriate level of enthusiasm and a compassionate, but professional disposition. After our initial 2-day session, I knew I had to secure budget for the following year to engage with Anese on a more regular and ongoing engagement.

She embodies authenticity and comes armed with a diverse toolkit that allows her to not only move adeptly with changing dynamics, but change course on a dime to facilitate in the moment in service of her client’s needs. Her work with our organization has been broad and deep, to include private, individual coaching with our directors, partnering with our founders, team dynamics and facilitation with our leadership team and we’ve been able to have her bring her core methodology for energy and presence to our entire organization for a company-wide group experience. Her approach is holistic, powerful and passionate all at the same time. I highly recommend Anese to any individual or organization who is looking for a leadership coach and facilitator who knows how to engage with people with integrity, heart and professionalism.

Karen Lemen

Managing Director, Cooper

Anese is a game changer. Period. She’s one of those special coaches who truly evolves the games of the people and organizations she works with. Her ability to connect with myself and my team was engaging, effective and enlightening. Her style is challenging and motivating . She’s a great listener and possesses the unique ability to identify areas of opportunity quickly and then draw on her vast resources and knowledge for potential recommendations and solutions.

Bottom line: she gets results. She helped everyone in our organization to become more effective on both a professional and personal level. Years later the work has sustained itself and continues to be talked about as a highlight of peoples’ professional—and personal—paths. Remarkable.

Jerry Calabrese

VP (now retired), McDonald's Corporation

Anese is an embodiment of her own principles, showing up with grace, presence and an intention to contribute to those around her that is felt by participants in her workshops and by the clients she serves. Her approach helps leaders and their teams tap into their full energetic and creative capacity so they can create the conditions for thriving teams, innovating and performing to their full potential.

Dave Kashen

Co-Founder, Meeting Hero, & Leading Entrepreneur Coach

Pleasanton is an IEP District! It is hard to put into words what your presence at our Leadership Symposium has meant to our district leaders. Throughout the past week, I have heard countless references to the stories and strategies that you shared with us last week. Our administrators received an amazing gift of positivity and hope in a way that they haven’t experienced in a long time. Everywhere I go, people are ‘bubbling up’, ‘rebooting’, setting intentions, making magic and recognizing the sheepocalysese in our work. The positive energy and obvious care for ourselves and each other is beyond anything I’ve experienced here or elsewhere. We have taken many of these strategies and are building them into our meeting structures and daily interactions with each other. It’s been a complete game changer! Personally, it has made me rethink how I show up each day at work, and what I can do to establish trust with my colleagues and friends here in Pleasanton. Our gratitude for you, your vision and your work is boundless!

Pam VanDeCamp, Ed.D.

Director of Assessment and Accountability, Pleasanton Unified School District

Anese definitely leads by example. If more people were aware of this work, I think that communication would be much more efficient and in tune. I would recommend this to anyone from Congress to kindergarten. It’s actually essential…

Charlie Sosa

Chief Officer, Hyperion Financial Services

“This book club just gave and gave! The biggest benefit for me was realizing that it is possible for me to “show up” for the hard stuff with the same contagious positive energy that I bring to the stuff I love doing. That was an actual life changing moment. My mantra for many years has been to Live Life On Purpose but your work has taken purposefulness to another level altogether. I start a task now with the CFF and the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact. It is magical. I hope to have many successes to share in the future.”

Lois Payne

Life & Health Coach & RTT Hypnotherapist

Nearly 13 months after starting work with Anese, I can honestly say it was one of the most important things I’ve done in my professional career…more than getting an MBA, more than certain career choices.

Ryan Jacoby

Designer, IDEO

In 18 months we’ve gone from one location to 15. I absolutely could not have done this without Anese and her programs…DTE has had a profound impact on me and my organization… My skillset, confidence and leadership have soared…

Tony DiVittorio

Founder, BAM/Youth Guidance Organization

Just wanted to send a genuine thank you for the great session today. It was the most healthful event I have experienced in my time at IDEO—extremely insightful and inspiring from a personal development standpoint, had a very constructive and collaborative group vibe, and provided a lot of great tools to address issues of team dynamics and miscommunication that I’ve experienced in my work. Looking forward to putting it into practice and digging into more in future sessions.

Aaron Ferber

Designer, IDEO

Anese has an absolute enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She is about changing the way people interact with each other… The stuff that we learned today over the course of the last few hours we can take into our business lives, into our family relationships into our personal relationships… Just how I am going to show up in the world will be shifted because of this time we were able to spend together. I’ve attended other meetings, I’ve attended other workshops where you are really just sitting in the audience and you are being talked at. This was more of a conversation. Anese brings with her this wealth of experience and knowledge and also her enthusiasm and passion and that just translates out into the audience. Part of what is really spectacular about this particular program, is that the people it attracts are just a higher caliber. The people who I met today, many of them are people who I will now have business relationships and that’s exciting in and of itself.

Bethany Crouch

Morning Anchor, Fox 40

Working with Anese has been transformative for me. I spent 30 years struggling with an unfulfilled and unhealthy life both mentally and physically. Her Insight, Support and Guidance has been instrumental in righting the ship. We are all responsible to do the work ourselves, but having Anese as a support system is a phenomenal tool I have benefited from. Our work together continues to have powerful ripple effects on my businesses, my health, and my relationships. I am extremely grateful to have her in my life.

Steve McPherson

Entrepreneur, Promise Wine, Moonshine, PurPak

Anese Cavanaugh captivated a group of managers and line level employees at my company with her talk about the infectious nature of energy in an organization. She’s any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out.

Chip Conley

Author PEAK & Emotional Equations, Founder Joie de Vivre Hospitality

When someone special comes into your life and impacts it so resoundingly, it is very hard to summarize this in short form. That said, Anese has helped me come in touch with strengths that exist inside of me like I had never experienced at all before we met. Her uncanny ability to help people hone in and navigate through personal and business challenges is unique. For this I feel so incredibly fortunate to know her and have her as a coach and advisor for my organization. Our work with her has been essential to creating more solid leadership, clarity and organizational health.

Harvey P. Sackett

Founder & Managing Partner, Sackett & Associates

Being able to intentionally change the course of many events by what you personally do and how you show up? When you take care of yourself and you focus on all the areas of your life, you can choose to shift your energy to a different level so you can better affect other people? We experienced it today, it was powerful. I never expected that from today. Powerful! I loved it!

Cynthia Smith

6th Grade Teacher, Rocklin Unified School District

Working with Anese has made me think more deeply about my role and responsibility as a leader. It is not just that she has offered a completely different perspective on the business of business, but she has shown me, always gently, that there is so much more to the business of life than that which I was focusing on beforehand. Through her coaching and guidance I have literally changed my view of the world and the previous burden of leading has become much lighter and more enjoyable to carry. I have started receiving energy rather than expending my own. This is the true gift… My advice to anyone who is overwhelmed by the pace and complexity of leading and drained of life energy to the point of exhaustion or who is just hurting from the weight of responsibility: talk to Anese. Let her into your life and let her guide you back to yourself. It is a great gift to yourself and one that you will never regret.

Steven Wilkinson

Entrepreneur / Managing Partner, Buchanan, Poet and Flyfisher

Anese offers a very compelling and practical set of resources for people who want to learn and grow. She brings warmth to the often cold and scientific business of leadership development, and operates at the core of how people can improve their effectiveness. Her style is truthful, engaging and effective. Her work with our leaders has helped them discover new direction and get traction and forward momentum.

John Foster

Former Head of Talent and Organization, IDEO, HULU, +

There were several, but the most powerful moment happened at the beginning of the second day. In that moment, I received such an intense clarity that this work was about me. (Although I had read the book and thought I understood Anese’s model, I was still focused on my impact.) In education we spend most of our efforts in service of others. Acknowledging that developing my IEP meant looking inward was a critical turning point in helping me access my power. I will forever treasure that moment of clarity.

Mindy Smith

Principal, Tustin Unified School District

I don’t feel like I’ve changed, I feel like my ‘canvas’ is much more colorful … I would highly recommend Anese to anyone … No program has come close to the benefits I’ve received from this one.

Sue F.

Director, Fortune 500

There was so much information to take in today, but the biggest thing that really resonated with me was a lot of tools to recognize that what’s happening to me in the environment is something that I can change and there’s no reason to really wait for it to change itself. I can go and be the change that I want to see in both myself and those around me. I also really got that before I even begin talking to somebody, I can get myself in the right state of mind to have that conversation, framing my view of that person so that we’re coming from a positive space, ultimately leading to a more constructive conversation. Today provided a lot of tools that will help get me in the right state of mind and intention before having that conversation. This was just incredibly helpful.

Isaac Hall

CTO, Recurly

We so often evaluate the success or failure of our communication by the words that are spoken, and the subsequent exchange. We struggle to find a reason when things go awry, or we focus intently on the right words while glossing over the emotion behind them. Anese has shed a brilliant light on the underbelly: the true intent behind our behavior, our words, and our actions. She has shifted the way we work, the care we take in our everyday interactions, and the honesty with which we approach a difficult conversation. As a studio, she has empowered us with the tools to become a healthier culture. One which thrives on authenticity and direct feedback, and collaborates not only to achieve success in our work, but success in our relationships.

Sara Frisk

Portfolio Director, IDEO , & President, AIGA Chicago

What I really love about this work is that it’s completely scalable. And it starts with the individual. From the way you treat yourself, the way you take care of yourself. From the way you eat. From the way you exercise. And it radiates out to your team. The way you build your team. The way the team radiates out into the organization. And how the organization radiates out into the world. That’s powerful. Anese does a beautiful job of connecting the dots for the audience and facilitating a transformative experience.

Matt Clark

Creative Director, Alimat Inc.

Everyone loved your style—it’s smart, casual, down-to-earth, thought-provoking and fun! We were able to see immediate results from the information you shared, and the impact continues to sustain and build even months later…

Ann Lofgren

ZCOB, ZingTrain

I actually got more out of it than I thought I would, I don’t typically do these kinds of events, and actually stay away from them, but I was intrigued by this one. I feel I have a pretty good intrinsic gauge for this stuff, but she’s really educated me to understand there are two sides to it – it’s not just to increase your positive energy and help the people out there, but there’s the aspect of being able to hold your space and protect yourself. I got a lot out of this workshop because of this, and I got a lot out of the other aspects I didn’t realize would be involved, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

Joshua Pietak

Managing Director, CarbonBLU. LLC

Anese helped us cut through the scar tissue and reveal the heart of our company.

Sue Cooper

Founder & Chairman, Cooper

I’ve done a lot of trainings over the years. And regardless of how engaged I am, inevitably I’m always taking at least two 20-minute naps in the corner. I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m sitting all day or even engaging in group exercises, but I’m exhausted and tired. And I have trouble staying awake and energized, so I have to drink coffee or whatever. And yesterday, the first day of this IEP training, I never took a nap, I never felt tired and I’d had no caffeine all day. And for me, I’m like the nap guy whenever we’re doing trainings. So for me that was huge. And what, really, that told me, was that there was a real transmission from Anese about intention, energy and presence that comes right through into the work. And I felt it directly in a way I never have before in that first day. So there’s no greater testimonial to the work than how I feel as I’m bringing that in the moment, especially when it goes against the grain of the way things have been for me for so long.

Bryan Bayer

CEO, Authentic World

We had the honor of having Anese speak at our monthly Business Lunch for the Sacramento Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors. The message from Anese was delivered in a way that made us all pay attention. The topic of “Lead you, Lead your life, Rock your business” was a message we all needed to hear. Leadership starts from the inside out and you need to take care of yourself to be a good leader of your business. And… you need to be a good leader of your life to be more effective in your business. We all felt that in 45 minutes Anese changed our thinking and focus. She is a fantastic Speaker and one of the best speakers we have ever had! Thank you!

Cheryl Keller

President, Women’s Council of Realtors


The curriculum and format provide an experience that empowers the participants and creates a learning experience that leads to long-term personal and professional growth. Anese does a great job at…[ensuring success]. The program is well thought out and relative to today’s leadership challenges, and most importantly, it has made a difference in my employees perspective on work, life and taking control of their own decisions.

Bob Eoff

MAEd., VP, Northern California, Western Washington, University of Phoenix

“This work will show up in unexpected ways,” Anese said at IEP Live! in Sacramento, CA in October 2017. This work hit me like a ton of bricks about three months after I attended IEP Live! My husband had been battling a rare, aggressive cancer for two years. In January 2018, we learned that oral chemotherapy had stopped working and he would need to be admitted to the hospital for IV chemotherapy. It was a crushing blow. I made the commitment that I would be his best advocate. From my IEP experience, I realized what mattered most was how I could be present in the moment with him; and that skill would ensure I could be his best advocate.”

Rachel Hollis

Office Manager, Alford Media

This program FAR surpasses anything I have been involved in in the past…I thought I’d get some focus, it has changed my life.

Fritz H.

Director, Fortune 500 Company

Anese has an excellent way of making people feel comfortable, everyone in the room got incredibly comfortable – fast. She woke me up to seeing what I can bring back to the team to increase comfort and productivity. This work is really important to building our team.

Kaream Ahmed

Business Leader

Your session provided us with much to think about and immediately applicable tips to help our leaders and employees create more sustainable and engaged leadership in their lives. Your energy was engaging, dynamic and contagious. This session was voted as a favorite of the day and people are already asking when you’ll be back. Thank you!

Karen Timberlake

Office of State Employment Relations, State of Wisconsin

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