Our intention is to be as helpful as possible by bringing you tools, programs, and content to support your leadership and impact journey in a way that is most useful and convenient for you. With a blend of offerings from online programs, toolkits, and training resources, to live labs and group coaching intensives, we hold that there’s something here to meet your needs. All programs can be group-priced to accommodate team or organizational integration. For that, or for more private or custom work, please reach out! Already enrolled in one of our self-paced programs? Login here.

01. Self-Study Programs

  • IEP-103: The IEP Course [$395]

    IEP in 103. This online self-paced program will take you through the core methodology in 103 minutes and give you hours of extra support to take your IEP work deeper. Designed to do solo or with your whole team, this is our latest creation in bringing IEP to you.

  • IEP-W: The IEP Method® Fundamentals Webinar Series [$495]

    For those who want to learn the IEP Method® Fundamentals in a non-time-bound, independent, self-paced manner. This webinar series brings you our 9-hour Fundamentals in four sessions with tools and transcripts and more to help you get your IEP on in your own way. 

  • RESET Program [$99]

    Need a RESET? Feeling burned out? Recovering from, or preparing for, a major shift in your personal and/or professional life? Maybe you’re just feeling a wee-worn out and could use a reboot… Create one with this online self-study program to reset and reboot yourself in any area of your life.

  • “10 Ways to IEP” On-Demand Webinar [$295]

    This on demand webinar works great if you’ve participated in an event, AND can also work on its own in partnership with Anese’s books (and other offerings) if you’d like a guide/refresher on how to integrate the work and best practices to keep the content alive and take it deeper.

  • Virtual Presence + Meeting IEP Toolkit [$49]

    Your virtual presence, the quality of your meetings, and how you show up are more essential than ever in order to create connection, safety, and a remote environment that will support yours (and your team’s) best work, create the experience you want, and honor your people.

  • Project Impeccable [$150]

    60 days of IEP in your inbox to get clear, get congruent, and build your relationship with yourself. You’ll get quiet, clarify outcomes, set intentions, create rituals, learn core tools from the IEP Method to support you, and create the internal and external space to make it all so. Powerful.

  • IEP School: Personal + Self Mastery (L1) [$295]

    YOU are at the core of your leadership. Your relationship with yourself. Your IEP. Your values. Your Essential You. These things are fundamental in leadership. This foundational online program is all about awareness and claiming YOU, YOUR space, and YOUR leadership. Strengthen and deepen your intentions, energy, and presence; lead authentically, and refine and expand your “energetic space” so you can create positive sustainable impact without getting overwhelmed by chaos and the demands of others. This is L1 of IEP School. Welcome!

  • IEP School: Relationship + Team Mastery (L2) [$495]

    The next level of IEP School! Building on your personal and self-mastery (the foundation of YOU — the ESSENTIAL YOU!), we now go into Relationship and Team mastery. This level of IEP School brings you the core modules of Crafting Teams that Lead, Crafting Feedback, and Crafting Alignment – our three most popular modules devoted to up-leveling your relationship and teaming game. This upgraded program has been built on our new training platform and is designed to serve you and your team. We’re delighted to bring it to you now!

  • IEP School: Leadership + Influence Mastery Program (L3) [$995]

    IEP School Level 3 is the full IEP School on our new and upgraded training platform! Level 3 includes IEP School L1: Personal + Self-Mastery and IEP School L2: Relationship + Team Mastery with new tools, videos, and resources for all 6 modules, as well as the Big Book of Craft Authentic Impact (which includes 5 additional modules and bonus content)! If you lead people, have difficult conversations, build teams, are on a team, collaborate, give (or receive) feedback, and want to have impact AND feel energized doing so, join us for Level 3!

02. Practitioner & Integration Tools

03. Books, Worksheets & Gear

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