Creating Impact

Author. Speaker. Advisor. Entrepreneur. Impact Maker.

Hello! I care very much about impact and I put my (very intentional) energy into a lot of different ways to create it. Everything I do is in service of creating more (authentically) positive energy in the world, exquisite well-being (individually and organizationally), and better bottom-line results. 

I write and I create content.

My books are a great way to get to know this work, me, and to give yourself and your team extra resources to dig into at your own pace and make it all real. I’ve written four of them to date and am always working on the next. All books have keynotes that go with them as well as self-study programs (through our organization) to support you in your honest integration, sustainability, and growth.

I speak and teach.

I LOVE being with people (virtual or in person) and have several core ways to do so including four flagship Keynotes, Event/Meeting Impact Amplification Sessions, IEP Training, and custom events. Sessions are unique, experiential, immediately applicable, and offer follow up tools and resources for securing your optimal ROI and ensuring deeper and more sustainable integration long after I’m gone.

I lead an organization, Active Choices, Inc.

I founded Active Choices, Inc. in 2002, and have been leading this work with organizations and leaders ever since. ACI is a Strategic Advisory, Consulting, and Training firm devoted to helping our clients create intentionally contagious leadership and authentically Positive Energy Workplaces™. If you’re interested in bringing leadership and cultural solutions to your organization that stick, let’s talk.

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