IEP Survival Guide

The IEP Survival Guide: 1st Aid for Your Presence

A light-hearted pocket guide for up-leveling your IEP, surviving the demands of presence, and making self-care easy peasy.

Use the Survival Guide alone for a daily dose of IEP or whenever needed!

With a quick IEP overview and 27 exercises that take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, you can use this little pocket guide as a quick resource to support your IEP, feel good, and show up well in just the nick of time. For extra great results, order a copy for each member of your team and do it together.

Bundle the Guide With an IEP Sheet!

Grab your guide, pull an IEP Sheet, and plan your day. The two work beautifully together to support you in setting the tone for your day, supporting your energy, and making sure you show up for YOU and others as you go! You can either download the IEP Sheet from our site for free, or you can order a Survival Guide/IEP Sheet Bundle! (Pad with Guide!)

IEP Sheet

Grab Your Guide, an IEP Sheet, and Let’s do the Weekly Beat! 

A powerful trifecta! Consider the trio a coach in your pocket every day, a nudge of insight, inspiration, and coaching via the Beat each week, and a structure to put it all together everyday. This is The Survival Guide Bundle to coach yourself to success. (Includes the Guide, one IEP Sheet Pad, and 52 weeks of the Weekly Beat. Extra pads $15.)

The Beat

The Contagious Leadership Survival Guide Bundle

The ultimate Survival Guide Kit to support your leadership. This kit comes with:

signed copy of Contagious Culture

signed copy of Contagious You

signed copy of The Leader You Will Be

signed copy of The Survival Guide

plus, an IEP Sheet Pad and a year of the Weekly Beat!

Limited bundles available: $250

5-Stars! This book is awesome! The practical quick actions on each page help me focus on my gratitude and attitude. It helps me keep my mental clarity throughout the day, by offering concrete activities that take just a few minutes and can turn around the whole day. If I’m feeling challenged or frustrated with my family, work or myself, the paradigm shift that each page offers helps me move forward with strength. When I am feeling grounded I can be a much better leader. I am so grateful for all of these suggestions! I actually have given away my own copy of this book multiple times when friends or colleagues are asking for leadership guidance. Now I just buy them in bulk so I’m not ever without one. Anese Cavanaugh has tapped into a powerful component of leadership success!” 

                                                                                          —Peter Hyer

Get Present

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