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Anese is an active blogger on this site as well as has articles on, Thrive Global, and others when daily IEP is what you crave. For traveling and curling up on the couch she has a fun survival guide, a book on the leader you will be, a book on creating culture, and a book on leadership to support you in building your resiliency, elevating your game, and leading with integrity, grit, and grace.

Special pandemic note: Please don’t let the “contagious” title of the books scare you, our contagiousness is now more important than ever. All books are devoted to helping you lead, take care, and show up so that you can be the kind of contagious you want to be.


Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want (McGraw-Hill, 2019)… I had so many questions after CONTAGIOUS CULTURE! So many great asks for more content to help YOU up-level your leadership game, make your culture even more positively contagious, navigate the “G’s” in your life (the “lowest vibrations in the room”), and overall just create more solid and life-giving impact in your world. You asked, I listened (always), and with case studies, science, numbers, and more tools and stories to support you, Contagious You is the result.  


An Invitation (ACI, 2018)… This short book is an illustrated journey of leadership and becoming, speaking to behaviors, intentions, actions, and “ways of being” witnessed, experienced, and taught by Anese in her work with business leaders, organizations, and human beings around the world over the last twenty years as a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit. This is the poem she has performed on stages over the last five years. We finally made it into a book!


Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives (McGraw-Hill, 2015)…This game-changing book collects the core of IEP and shows you how to create a healthy business culture that’s inspiring, energizing — and positively contagious. The key to any company’s success lies in its culture. Shape and revitalize your culture— by setting the tone, engaging the team, and creating a dynamic working environment that encourages extraordinary growth, productivity, and innovation. Build a healthier, more functional environment — from the inside out. Note that both this book and CONTAGIOUS YOU have discussion guides and videos in our store (along with several online self-paced programs) if you’d like to create a group to work this content.


First Aid for Your Presence (ACI, 2015)… You can take IEP anywhere! This little guide (and it is literally little) gives you fun thought challenges, inspiration, and ways to get out of a rut at home or at work, virtually or in person, with your kids or your team. 32 pages and beautifully illustrated. Available now in the store.

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