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What do you mean by “energy leadership” and IEP? You talk about it a lot, but I’m not sure how it ties into leadership and my impact?

Good news is that it has everything to do with leadership and impact, and even better news is that we each have the power to lead and influence our effectiveness and impact in this area. I look at energy leadership in 4 quadrants (this is from my energy leadership model): 1) physical and environmental, 2) emotional and mental, 3) vibrational presence, and 4) relational. The energy that you bring to the table – internally and externally – is having an impact on you, the people around you, and the results you create (or don’t create) all the time. There are unlimited things you can do to impact this energy – both inside and out. The trick is in being conscious and intentional about it in all 4 areas. Who you BE as a leader, the energy you BRING to the table, has a total impact on what you DO as a leader, and the RESULTS you actually create. IEP, my approach to leadership, stands for “Intentional Energetic Presence” and dives into this theory at three levels – the first on a more philosophical/energetic level (the essential you), then on a more tangible energy leadership application level (your presence and external impact on others), and then finally into the hardcore nuts and bolts of WHAT you need to be doing to make it all work together (your skills and competencies). This is something I teach in all my programs and it is at the core of the work I’ve been doing my whole life.

Why do people typically come to this work?

Everyone is different, though there are common themes. In a nutshell some of these include:

  • To build an even stronger and more creative culture of leadership, ownership, collaboration, and positivity.
  • To grow their business or career through better leadership and thinking
  • To create more productive, peaceful, collaborative, and enjoyable relationships (business and personal)
  • To increase their leadership influence and impact
  • To be perceived and experienced better by others
  • To be more powerful, intuitive, creative, and happier in their lives
  • They’re stuck in their career, not having the growth, impact or acceleration they want, and they’re not sure why. (9 times out of 10 this has to do with their IEP. This is totally “fix-able”.)

Often people come to this work thinking they want ONE thing, but then along the line, learn there is much more.

Additional common catalysts for people pursuing this approach might include:

  • They want to create more impact in the world
  • They’re waking up to a greater sense of mission, purpose and contribution and want to step into “meaningful more”
  • There is a problem they want to fix
  • They’re making/contemplating a career move
  • They want more than what they have with life – purpose, isn’t there more?
  • Lose weight, get healthy
  • Be more effective and/or powerful
  • Stop acting or being perceived as a jerk (they more or may not see it, but they know they’re not getting the impact they want and they may have been given feedback about their impact)
  • Grow into more leadership – increase positive influence
  • Build business that aligns with who they are truly
  • To create a vision – they want a bigger purpose and clarity on what it looks like and how to create it.
  • HR/team issues – need a sounding board on how to lead team
  • Want the energy to be better (that’s a vehicle, not on top request – it’s a side effect of the work)
  • What they’re doing isn’t working
  • They’re up to something big or want to be… They want to do more
  • They’ve seen someone else do the work with me, or have been referred, and are inspired
  • The idea of personal peace is soothing and they want to connect with it
  • Want to create culture of leadership, ownership and positive energy – and they need to do it for themselves first to model it.
  • They want to be great place to work, not just financially successful – care about people.


How do you work with people?

I work with people in a variety of ways based upon their desired outcomes, preferences, and what will serve them best. The most common are either in organizational training and “stewardship” programs (for cultural integration), one-to-one private intensives, group experiences where I facilitate learning on a broader level with a larger group of people, or via speaking engagements where I can speak to a large group of people.


What is a Private Intensive?

Due to my schedule and commitments, I only work with a small handful of people each year in an ongoing advisory, coaching, and consulting capacity. That being said, I do offer private intensives for people who want an immersion in this work and focused time with me. These are “one-time” events in which we dive deep into you and whatever you need whether it be business, leadership, strategy, relationships, and/or your IEP. There are 3 formats for these intensives. 1) The 90-Minute Intensive, done via video conference (this has light pre-work). 2) The partial day Deep Dive, we meet in my office in Rocklin from 9-3, and dive right in. And 3) The Deep Deep Dive, 1.5 days with me in Rocklin to work on whatever you need. This is a common option for business partners and executives who want a fully holistic approach and have several things to work on. The live events in my office have a prep-call and post-call(s) to help prepare and integrate.

What do you see are common success factors in your clients who get great results?

This is not an exhaustive list, but a couple of common highlights. Note that some of these success factors are developed during our work together through the process of exploration, integration, calibration, celebration, and yes, sometimes even aggravation. Note that these are not only for individuals in this work, but for teams and organizations as well.

  1. They’re ready for action – their desire to create change is greater than their desire to stay comfortable
  2. They make the investment, mentally, energetically, financially and schedule wise to do the work.
  3. They want change greater than an “8”
  4. They’re willing to question their beliefs, have their assumptions and comfort zones challenged, trust the process, and have fun with it.
  5. Even if they don’t have the answers, or know where they’re going at first, even if they’re a “mess”, they “stay” and lean in so we can unpack it together. This is huge.
  6. They recognize that they are the primary source of their problems and their successes, and therefore have great influence over their results. They take ownership, learn, and keep going.
  7. They decide to be successful. Even though it might be uncomfortable.
  8. They decide to have positive relationships. Even though it can be work to get there.
  9. They show up. Whether it’s messy or in all they’re glory, they show up and dive in to life.
  10. They breathe and are present to the process of this process, who they are, and who they’re becoming in their leadership.

What’s the best way to integrate your programs in to my organization in a scalable manner?

The IEP/Craft Authentic Impact Creative Leadership Program will be available for license in 2014 for organizations who want to bring this approach to their people in a way that is culturally integrated, sustainable, and can support as many people as they wish. The benefit of this pathway is that it gives your organization and teams common language to work with and the collaborative nature of the training and stewardship allows the organization to adopt the program in a way that fits its culture and scales in a user and budget friendly manner. These programs are internally facilitated with the partnership of my team and I. We are running several programs now for our partner clients and will make this offering available soon.

What is a typical financial investment of working with you?

Fees for all offerings are based upon several variables including scope, desired outcomes, travel if required, and the complexity or simplicity of the engagement. Regardless of the program fee, we create a ROI plan together so that you are able to see and create your optimal return (which should be much greater than the original investment).


What are some of the results clients experience from doing this work with you?*

Please see the list above for why they come to this work. That’s what we do together.

Additional bottom line core results include:

  • They change their lives (if that’s what they want) and make them richer and more colorful
  • They get on “purpose” giving them more intention and energy and joy for what they’re creating
  • They improve their approachability and leadership impact, enhancing the dynamics of their relationships and effectiveness of their leadership with people
  • They significantly enhance their mental, physical and leadership presence (which has huge impact internally and externally – on business, life, relationships, personal fulfillment…everything.)
  • They create the results they want in a way that is congruent and sustainable for them – their way (not in the way of the “template” or the “should’s”)
  • They overhaul the energy of their businesses and relationships, creating more space for positive results (financial and emotional) and happier more collaborative cultures.
  • They own their lives and impact. They drive it. They sleep better. They feel better.

You can learn more about clients’ experiences by checking out my testimonials page. This offers a small taste of client experiences. If you would like more detailed stories relating to the results you’re seeking (or think you’re seeking), just ask!  (Email or call us!)


How do I get started?

The most efficient way is to go straight to our contact page and fill out your information with the area of focus you are interested in. We’ll get back to you ASAP and within 24 business hours for sure. Next, we’ll get in touch with you to schedule time with Anese for a consult (please allow to your white list.) Before your call, depending on what your needs and interests are, Sandy may provide you an exploratory 1-sheeter to complete before your call with a couple of core questions that are designed to help you and Anese (and your team if appropriate) get clear about your desired outcomes. Once I have the exploratory sheet, you and I will have an exploratory call to dive in. From there we figure out your outcomes, create a plan of attack, and then go!

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