IEP Communication Survey

Pre-Reflect for your Group Experience with Anese

In order to get the most out of your group’s session, I ask that you do a bit of pre-work/pre-reflection on your end. This gives me a better idea of where your group is at as a whole as well as helps you establish a baseline for yourself in terms of skills and mindset.


Please answer the questions below by the date specified in your welcome note. Your answers are confidential and will be sent directly to me (you will also receive a copy in your in-box for your convenience.) Simply fill in the boxes below and hit “submit”…

For the actual event:

  • Please eat well beforehand, come well rested, hydrated, and fueled for optimal energy and brain function.
  • Please create the space to unplug so you can have your attention fully in the room for the time we’re together (i.e. out of office reminders, phones off, whatever you need to do to support yourself).
  • And finally, please come dressed comfortably, curious, with an open mind, and ready to dive in!

To further support you in optimizing your experience, you can download our best practices expectations & agreements document at

Thank you for taking the time, it will be helpful to you, the rest of your team, and your organization as a whole!

Exploratory Questions

Please answer these questions with as much detail as you wish. Be honest – your answers are for you and me only, and will help me create the most custom experience for your team. Where I ask for a rating of “0-10”, “0” means lowest possible (couldn’t be worse), and “10” is highest possible (couldn’t be better.)

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