IEP Fundamentals Course

What is the IEP Fundamentals (Virtual!) Session?

Please inquire below to bring this session into your organization in 2021.

IEP Fundamentals

The IEP Fundamentals is an online LIVE virtual event (spread over two 1/2-days — or however co-designed if you are sponsoring it privately for your organization) with IEP distilled down to its core content in the simplest way possible. This content provides an essential foundation for other models, types of coaching, and skills training that will help accelerate results (and well-being) in how you Show Up in life, leadership, and culture. We are told again and again by clients and participants that the IEP Methodology is “core to managing, navigating, and preventing burnout, building resiliency, and helping people lead their teams and cultures” — especially now in a remote world.

The IEP Fundamentals includes: 

  • 3-7 hour immersion training — over a period of time — to support your leadership, presence, energy management, and resiliency for optimal impact
  • Receive our Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Program & Toolkit (from our online program suite) to support your virtual presence and remote work
  • Receive the 7-Week IEP Beat post session — to support integration after our time together
  • Access to a live 1-hour Q&A/live coaching call with your group a month later for support and follow-up

In this session, you will:

  • Learn the IEP Method®, the IEP Leadership Model, and 3 core essential IEP Practices you will begin using immediately, both during and after the session
  • Learn how to integrate the 3 primary components of the IEP Method®: The Presence Reboot, 5 Steps to Intentional Impact, and Building a strong IEP Foundation into your life and work
  • Learn how to create Agreements and set the container for meetings and conversations (virtual OR live) to support you in showing up at your best and skipping resentment, gossip, and drama
  • Determine the monetary and cultural value of your IEP and the cost of not tending to it (you can apply this exercise/formula individually and also for your team)
  • Learn about “Energetic Hygiene” and “Energetic Equity,” how to create and build them, and why they are ESSENTIAL to your personal leadership and well-being (as well as team and organizational health)
  • Create an IEP Personal Integration Plan that will support your ongoing development in clearer, cleaner, and more congruent leadership, communication, and energy management
  • Receive access to additional IEP Tools to support you on your path (these tools get decided “in the moment” based upon the themes and needs of each group)
  • Put it all together and use everything you’ve learned to build out your IEP Sheet and the 5-Step Formula (from the 3rd part of the IEP Method) to apply it to your next meeting, conversation, or project

There are no more public sessions for IEP Fundamentals in 2020.

If you’d like to book a private session for your organization in 2021, please contact us.

So that you can enhance your ability to:

  • Show Up more effectively and powerfully for you and for those you lead and engage with, optimizing your leadership presence and influence
  • Become more of a leader people want to follow vs. have to follow
  • Create more space in your life for your life
  • Manage (and pre-navigate) or transform burnout and overwhelm
  • Build your personal resiliency and leadership presence
  • Shift presence and state in the moment so you can lead more effectively
  • Make others feel seen, heard, cared for, and inspired by how you Show Up
  • Up-level your quality of relationships and relating
  • Have more honest, clean, and productive conversations
  • “Hold your space” in the face of chaos, negativity, and overwhelm — and even more, invite others to hold their’s as well (this all happens by how you show up, how you hold your space, and the presence you meet others with – you’ll see!)
  • Create intentional impact that serves and creates positively contagious ripples
  • Intentionally cultivate, model, and enroll others in the culture you want to create

Want additional Leadership Skills & Conflict Navigation?

If you’d like to participate in our more intensive version of this course, where we spend an extra day on leadership skills, feedback, and conflict navigation, please join us for our IEP Leadership Course (IEP-LEAD).  

This session is generally 4-7 hours over 1-2 days (depending on the engagement) and is taught by Anese or one of our IEP-Certified Stewards! (We have Certified Stewards who specialize in Healthcare and Education industry integration and application.)

These events can also be booked privately for your own organization. Interested?

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