IEP-Activator: Certification Program

Level 2 IEP-Activator Certified (IEP-AC)

We heartfully believe it takes a village and that everything magic happens in relationship, so we are growing the village in order to bring IEP to as many humans and organizations possible. We currently have IEP-Activators in the areas of Education, Health Care, Design, Organizational Culture, Talent, Hospitality, Non-Profit, Small Business, and our Activator Team continues to grow… Will you join us?

The IEP-Activator Toolkit & Program (Level 1) is a completely self-paced program that enables the user to learn the content online and use the tools and exercises with their clients and employees. The IEP-Activator Certification Program takes us deeper and includes a robust set of IEP tools and materials, live classroom time with Anese and her training team, practicuum, practice sessions, and real time training where you learn how to coach the content.

This program is 4 sessions of Learning & Integration Labs (3 hours each, virtual), practice sessions (you do it!!), and some follow up to make it all so. This program is for individuals working inside an organization who want to teach and coach the IEP Fundamentals, and/or for independent practitioners who want to use this work privately with their 1:1 clients. You can participate in the certification program however for full certification you must take a final exam, have an existing professional coaching credential, and meet 1:1 with Anese or one of the training team to complete the credential. More details coming.


IEP-Certified Activators will:

  • Strengthen their IEP practice, learn to authentically embody the work, and have a deeper understanding and competency with the content, as well as real-time application and tools they can use to optimize IEP immediately
  • Be able to lead exercises, coach content, and share the core IEP Model within their organization and with 1:1 clients
  • Be able to work with and coach others to integrate the basics of IEP into their business and life (including the use of 24 proprietary IEP tools)
  • Be able to pay this work forward inside their organization and/or with their 1:1 private clients in a meaningful, authentic, and sustainable way
  • Have access to discounts on additional programs and service
  • Join the IEP-Activator Practitioner Club, an annual membership for continuing education with new content, quarterly calls, and access to coaching 
  • Be a part of the community growing IEP-Activators in the world 

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