IEP Stewardship: Level 3 Certified Steward

Level 3 IEP-Certified Steward (IEP-C)

As the IEP Stewardship Program grows, we’ve found that the deeper the level of IEP Mastery and engagement, the greater the results for our Stewards — financially, spiritually, and impact-wise. IEP Certification is the next step in mastery after IEP Training.

The IEP-Certification Track includes ongoing participation in the IEP Stewardship Community and calls as well as additional 1:1 time with Anese, special certification labs focused on the business of leading IEP and working with clients, feedback and video supervision, a “Certification Claim” Exam (it’s fun!), and more. You are eligible to apply for Certification after six months of Training. Once you’ve completed the criteria for Certification, you’ll be able to work with more than one organization in addition to your private clients. IEP-Certified Stewards are also eligible to become a part of our own Stewardship and Training Team.

This program is rigorous. It is designed for individuals who want a deeper level of IEP Mastery, for independent practitioners who desire to teach the IEP Fundamentals outside their company, or for IEP-Trained Stewards already teaching inside their organization who want to bring this work to external clients. By application only.

*Your membership is included in your tuition fees and includes continuing education, training, access, designation, community participation, exposure through ACI (that’s us!), and support to ensure sustainability and quality as you take this work deeper. Your annual renewable fees begin after you complete your Certification Program. 


IEP-Certified Stewards will:

  • Receive all the benefits, outcomes, and support of the core training program as well as…
  • Work with Anese and the Stewardship Team at a deeper level with more access, coaching, tools, and certification labs to support them in accelerating mastery and impact
  • Be able to lead discussions, share content, and teach the 4-hour IEP Fundamentals Session with multiple clients, making this work a core part of their business with broader reach and greater impact
  • Be able to work with and coach others to integrate the IEP Fundamentals into their business and life, including use of 30 proprietary IEP tools (shared throughout the Certification process)
  • Upon completion of their certification, be listed on our website as an IEP-Certified Steward and eligible for membership on our own internal Stewardship Team
  • Be able to continue to enhance, strengthen, and deepen their own leadership presence as well as teaching, facilitation, and coaching skills.
  • Be a part of leading the global vision for the IEP work in the world across multiple industries. We’re on a mission and it’s got a lot of heart. If this work resonates with you and you want to Show Up with us, we want you!

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