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Emily Diaz

Two things today that are really going to stick with me beyond the anchoring of presence in my body, is that presence is impact. Everything that we bring to the world is impact through our conscious presence. My favorite exercise was the energetic xylophone, learning to access different energetic states will be very helpful for me. Getting to be with all of you and going from complete strangers to feeling very intimately connected with each of you, I feel very jazzed, really grateful. Thank you.

Bethany Crouch
Fox 40 Morning Anchor

Anese has an absolute enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She is about changing the way people interact with each other… The stuff that we learned today over the course of the last few hours we can take into our business lives, into our family relationships into our personal relationships… Just how I am going to show up in the world will be shifted because of this time we were able to spend together.
I’ve attended other meetings, I’ve attended other workshops where you are really just sitting in the audience and you are being talked at. This was more of a conversation. Anese brings with her this wealth of experience and knowledge and also her enthusiasm and passion and that just translates out into the audience. Part of what is really spectacular about this particular program, is that the people it attracts are just a higher caliber. The people who I met today, many of them are people who I will now have business relationships and that’s exciting in and of itself.

Joshua Pietak
CarbonBLU, LLC

I actually got more out of it than I thought I would, I don’t typically do these kinds of events, and actually stay away from them, but I was intrigued by this one. I feel I have a pretty good intrinsic gauge for this stuff, but she’s really educated me to understand there are two sides to it – it’s not just to increase your positive energy and help the people out there, but there’s the aspect of being able to hold your space and protect yourself. I got a lot out of this workshop because of this, and I got a lot out of the other aspects I didn’t realize would be involved, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

Managing Director
Major Appliance Industry

I think biggest ah-ha’s for me were the power of intent in that we don’t have to sit in the back of the plane, we can actually climb up into the cockpit and affect the heading and the altitude of where we’re going.

Sally Clark

My biggest takeaways (from today’s IEP Live event) is the idea that we all, as individuals, have the ability to affect our impact. That we own the energy we bring to a room and the presence. And these subtle but very powerful elements of how we affect people are all in our own power to control. And that even by the most subtle shifts you can really create the kind of impact that you want to see just by being aware and by showing up in a certain way. It’s really brilliant how Anese creates these frameworks that bring together all of these different pieces. And she’s able to bring it all together in a way that actually makes a lot of sense, is not intimidating, and is highly impactful.

Cheryl Keller

I loved this course. Very empowering. It made think a lot about being intentional about what I want in my life and how I can be the implementer of what I want to see in my life and actually lead it. I walked away with greater clarity about how I want to show up, setting my own intentions, and the ability be at choice about the things I actually WANT in my space. As an entrepreneur, this is extremely valuable to my business and in my volunteer work.

Kaream Ahmet
Business Leader

This work woke me up to seeing what I can bring back to our team to increase comfort and productivity. IEP is essential to our building a strong culture and foundation as a team.

Vice President
Software Company

The most important thing that I took away from these last two days is really about taking control of – and responsibility for – the power you have. I think previously, I’ve sort of given myself a little story, and all Monday was, ‘I’m tired. I don’t have this much energy.’ What I realized is that there are ways to shift this… and then jump up the energy level. I think it’s pretty amazing that even that little change, has made me feel much more empowered to have control back of my energy level, and then be able to project that to the rest of the audience.

Cynthia Smith
Rocklin Unified School District

I would definitely recommend this course. It made me really get that I have a physical and literal choice about how I want to feel and how I approach any situation by how I show up. You also showed me how to shift the energy in a moment with a room full of people. I had no idea how much impact I could have on this. I learned I have more choices about how I feel, what I want to do, how I want to act and how I can project myself to others so we can be more productive and effective in meetings.

Matt Clark
Alimat, Inc.

The thing I really enjoyed was the idea that releasing the energetic trigger with someone you are worried about or concerned about can be a gift to that person. The other was the idea that you add your energy to the soup of a room or a team or a project, and so – be the soup you want to see in the world.

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