Private Client & Program Participant Resources

Audio 1: Energy Check. Gauge your energy and shift your state.

Audio 2: The Bubble V2.0. Get grounded and set your intentions.

Audio 3: Energy Check + Bubble – Cliff Notes. (This is a mini version of the exercises offered in the first 2 audios… don’t do this one until you’ve done audios 1 and 2 a couple of times!)


Grounded Meditation Series – with David Pearce of The Intuitive Way

Energy Leadership Resource – Audio 1: Grounding
Download MP3

Energy Leadership Resource – Audio 2: Centering
Download MP3

Energy Leadership Resource – Audio 3: Owning Space
Download MP3


Centered Presence Grounding Exercise: Get Into Your Bubble! (Anese)
To play directly from computer click here.
To download an mp3 click here.

One link you can listen directly from computer, the other you can download to mp3. It’s a tad over 9 minutes to get the foundational exercise, but you’ll be able to access this space immediately, once you’ve done it a couple of times.

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