Strategic Advisory + Private Consulting

Anese works privately with executives and senior level business leaders who are responsible for creating a healthy workplace, want (and need) to have more positive and useful impact, and who want to create a culture of leadership and accountability. Private work is highly customized to the individual and can be done in conjunction with an Organizational Integration Program so that you are creating a holistic and permanent solution at every level of your workforce. (Not just “checking a culture change box” or doing a “flavor of the month” initiative.)

To learn more about some of the organizations and leaders Anese has had the privilege of working with, and what they’ve shared, take a look at our clients page.

Private Advisory, Consulting, and Executive Coaching to honor your very specific needs…

This is a deep dive partnership designed to help you strengthen your  impact and well-being and be better armed to build a Positive Energy Workplace™ as a leader and influencer in your organization.

Areas of focus may include a cultural assessment to determine your team and/or organization’s level of maturity in positive (useful) energy, health, safety, and impact as well as private work with YOU as leader (as YOU set the tone) in strengthening your abilities to “hold your space,” build psychological safety, create leadership that invites authenticity, accountability, and more leadership, increase your emotional intelligence, improve your communication and collaboration style, and elevate your leadership presence, congruency, and vitality.

This unique custom engagement requires a 6-12 month commitment (depending on your intended outcomes) and begins with a Discovery Call with our team to see if this is a fit for your needs. If you would like to set up a conversation, please contact us to start the process. We look forward to speaking with you!


Please Note: In order to optimize time, energy, impact, and the results our clients get from this work, Private 90-Minute Single Strategy Sessions with Anese are only available by retainer agreement with your organization and are now often led by one of our team coaches.

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