10 Ways to IEP

“10 Ways to IEP” On-Demand Webinar [$295]

Take advantage of this new on-demand webinar with Anese created for companies who’ve run IEP launches in their organization or who’ve attended an IEP session and want a refresher on how to integrate the work and/or new best practices to keep the content alive and take it deeper.

In this video Anese reviews the top 10 most important (and most commonly asked) areas of focus and action (as well as a bonus 11th AND a list of best practices) to make this work real and sticky for you and in your organization. As in a workshop or live event, she goes into practice, technique, mindset, and the free-flow conversation of examples and the thinking behind why these things matter and how to do them.

Some of the areas Anese covers are:

  • A review of IEP (What is it and how do I use it?) and the IEP Method®
  • The Bubble
  • Authorship, ownership, and navigating the Drama Triangle
  • Being (positively) contagious (and how…)
  • The core elements of “owning your space” (and how)
  • Choosing leadership (even when it’s hard)
  • Decision making (especially in the hard areas)
  • How to decide to opt-out or redesign things that aren’t working
  • The power of self-care in your culture and the ripple effects (and THE stake you MUST hold)
  • What self-care actually IS (and guess what, this is the #1 thing that gets in the way of leadership and authorship)
  • Effective energetic reframes, language, and communication methods for your leadership, team, and organization
  • How to set your team up for success with this work (for your team and/or ANY relationship)
  • Crafting agreements that work (how to get TO them and examples of them)
  • Giving clean productive feedback — how to do it, the mindset of it, the process, and what MUST be present to make it work
  • Making this work “in the cracks” versus having to do huge initiatives and hoopla
  • The Checklist: 12 high leverage, high effect things you can do NOW to integrate this into your team and organization

We originally made this for private clients and then with the feedback received, have made this available for others who want to go deeper on their own. This on-demand webinar works great if you’ve participated in an event, AND can also work on its own in partnership with Anese’s books and other offerings.

NOTE: This offering is included as a bonus in the IEP-Activator Toolkit & Program and also for organizations doing an IEP Integration Program (in conjunction with the IEP-103 self-study course).

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