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IEP School: Personal + Self Mastery (L1) [$295]

This self-paced program is designed to guide you in building a strong personal leadership and IEP foundation by clarifying core leadership characteristics and values, strengthening and deepening your IEP, exploring (and acting upon) what “authenticity” means to you in leadership, life, and relationships, and refining and expanding your “energetic space.” In order to create positive sustainable impact — and NOT get overwhelmed by chaos and all the demands of others we love and lead — we need to have a strong IEP foundation, a clear compass of our core values and what is “essential” to us in our own being, and a commitment to authenticity and have clean “energetic hygiene” to lead from. With these three things established, we bring a stronger clearer leadership presence, easier decision making, and the ability to lead others more usefully and powerfully.

This program (level 1 of IEP School) brings you three core training modules: The Essential You, IEP Fundamentals, and Crafting Authenticity (bonus module) to support you in doing your own work in a self-paced and personalized manner. This program is an upgrade from the original IEP School: Self-Mastery (L1), including additional modules as well as new videos and resources, and pairs well with the RESET Program and/or #ProjectImpeccable.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Learn the IEP Method®, work through the IEP Model and build your IEP Foundation
  • Reboot your presence in the moment for greater influence and effectiveness
  • Create impact — internally AND externally — intentionally
  • Begin to respond to and direct your life, vs. react to and be overwhelmed by your life
  • Create clean “energetic hygiene” and hold your space more effectively
  • Develop a daily practice that supports your leadership, energetic hygiene, and best thinking and “being”
  • Identify core values, vision, and purpose that make up your own unique “Essential You”
  • Explore and claim what authenticity means to you (and how your values make or break trust and authenticity in your life)
  • Learn how to identify, self-manage, and partner with fear, courage, authenticity, choice, and comfort zones
  • Create more space and enjoyment in your leadership serving the people you lead more powerfully

Program Includes:

  • The Essential You, IEP Fundamentals, and Crafting Authenticity modules
  • 25 Training Videos (ranging from 1-18 minutes each)
  • “Craft Authentic Impact” Implementation & Fieldwork Guides for all modules
  • Bonus “Craft Notes” versions of the modules (aka “cliff notes”), videos, audios, and transcripts to support the Essential You and Authenticity modules (not for IEP Fundamentals, intentionally — you’ll see why)
  • 1 Year of the weekly audio Beat (with new Beat modules from Contagious YOU!)

Self-Paced Program
$295.00 per user (one-time fee) (Note: Teams of 5 or more, please contact us for team pricing)

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