IEP-Activator Toolkit + Program (Self-Paced) [$2500]

The IEP-Activator Toolkit + Program is designed for people who want to use core tools and principles from Contagious You, Contagious Culture, and the IEP Method body of work to activate IEP within their organization and with their clients. This is a self-paced online program which includes an extensive list of modules with training videos, transcripts (of videos), tools, exercises, and resources.

IEP-Activators will:

  • Have access to shared languaging and tools designed to increase team effectiveness and optimize personal IEP when using the core IEP Tools individually or together
  • Learn easily useable and shareable frameworks for rebooting your presence in the moment, creating intentional impact, and strengthening your energetic foundation
  • Have the ability to share core IEP content with your clients, groups, or team in an organized self-paced manner so that it complements what you’re already doing
  • Be able to pay this work forward in your organization (especially handy after going through IEP Live! or one of our events and you want to know “How do I get others to do this?!”)
  • Deepen your own IEP Practice as you continue to learn how to share it with others
  • Receive access to IEP School and IEP-A only communications
  • Have access to special organizational pricing and training with 10 IEP-Activators or more

For the different modules and tools included in the IEP-Activator kit, please see the IEP-A page.

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One-Time Enrollment Fee = $2500.00

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