IEP Survival Guide

The IEP Survival Guide is here! With love we have crafted a fun tool to challenge your brain and bring out the best of you so that you can show up and be more effective with others. Each page features a challenge, a thought provoking idea, or a reminder to amplify your energy, presence, and impact—beautifully illustrated. 32 pages.

5-star review on Amazon from Peter Hyer:

“This book is awesome! The practical quick actions on each page help me focus on my gratitude and attitude. It helps me keep my mental clarity throughout the day, by offering concrete activities that take just a few minutes and can turn around the whole day. If I’m feeling challenged or frustrated with my family, work or myself, the paradigm shift that each page offers helps me move forward with strength. When I am feeling grounded I can be a much better leader. I am so grateful for all of these suggestions! I actually have given away my own copy of this book multiple times when friends or colleagues are asking for leadership guidance. Now I just buy them in bulk so I’m not ever without one. Anese Cavanaugh has tapped into a powerful component of leadership success!”

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