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IEP School: Leadership + Influence Mastery Program (L3) [$995]

IEP School Level 3 is the comprehensive IEP School, including IEP School L1: Personal + Self-Mastery and IEP School L2: Relationship + Team Mastery! If you lead people, if you have difficult conversations, if you build teams, if you’re on a team, if you collaborate, if you give (or receive) feedback, if you want to have influence with people and have them follow you because you’re a good leader and they want to — not because they HAVE to, and if you want to feel good and energized doing so, grab this level as it will get you access to all the modules.

With fieldwork guide, cliff notes versions, audios, videos, exercises, and more, IEP School addresses the fundamental areas of personal presence and leadership, teaming, and relationship building through the IEP frameworks.

Level 3: Leadership + Influence includes all IEP Core Modules:

  • IEP Fundamentals
  • The Essential You
  • Crafting Authenticity
  • Crafting Alignment
  • Crafting Feedback
  • Crafting Teams that Lead
  • As a bonus for L3, you’ll receive digital access to THE BIG BOOK of CRAFT AUTHENTIC IMPACT (after 9/1/20), which includes all the original module Fieldwork Guides and Craft Notes from the foundational Craft Authentic Impact Program in case you wish to access additional modules that are no longer on our training platforms. Additional modules include: Crafting Energy Leadership, Crafting Presence, Crafting Beliefs, Crafting Connection, and Crafting Impact.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Work through the IEP Model and build your IEP Foundation
  • Reboot your presence in the moment for greater influence and effectiveness
  • Create impact — internally AND externally — intentionally
  • Begin to respond to and direct your life, vs react to and be overwhelmed by your life
  • Create more space and enjoyment in your leadership serving the people you lead more powerfully
  • Use the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact, increase your effectiveness, and have the ability to reduce your team meetings by 30% (or more, your call)
  • Access your power state in the moment and shift authentically and powerfully
  • Create an IEP Method practice/ritual to support you day-to-day and moment-to-moment
  • Identify your core values, your vision, your purpose, and more
  • Become a better leader to your team, your peers, your kids, your partner, yourself
  • Give and receive productive feedback — effective, actionable, and healthy
  • Create alignment, internally and externally, with yourself and your team
  • Eliminate or re-design for tolerations, noise, chaos, and negative relationships that don’t serve your energy or your organization
  • Identify the cost of negative energy in your organization and create a plan to not only fix it, but optimize it
  • Build effective teams, create agreements as a team, address conflict effectively, and more…

Program Includes:

  • The IEP School Levels 1 and 2
  • The BIG Craft Authentic Impact BOOK with bonus content (as listed above)
  • The Craft Map (In fact, here’s a preview! As there are too many outcomes and benefits to list here, best to check out the “Craft Map” which is a part of our signature programs and lists the benefits and overviews of each module listed above. You’ll have access to all ten Modules in the Craft Map and then some.)
  • 30+ IEP Training Videos (2-18 minutes each)
  • 1 Year of The Beat

Self-Paced Program
$995 per user

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