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Learn the core IEP Methodology on your own schedule, at your own pace, and by yourself or with your team by working through our IEP Self-Study Programs. While we have many self-study programs, the programs on this page, “IEP-103” (103 minutes) and “IEP-W” (9.5 hours) are focused 100% on the methodology, provide a solid foundation, and serve beautifully as a self or group study program. 

Training + Integrated Resources for Real Application

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IEP Sheet
IEP Sheet
The Beat

IEP-103: The IEP Basics Course

This course is a great introduction and/or refresher for the IEP work. If you want to learn the basics, this course takes you into the core components of the methodology in 103 minutes, while still giving you extra content and bonus resources to explore areas of focus more deeply. If you want to go even deeper into the work — for more explanation, exercises, and tools — you’ll want to enroll in IEP-W (below) as well.

Here’s just a bit of what happens in this online program:

  • learn the IEP Method, the 3 core components of it, and how to apply it immediately
  • instantly shift your presence and energetic state so that you not only feel more grounded, spacious, and clear, but show up more solid as well
  • assess why this is important to you and the impact it’s having on your life, team, sales, culture, etc. (Do the “Run Your Numbers” exercise and really see the cost.)
  • lead your one-to-one, team meetings, and even conversations with your loved ones more effectively
  • get “in front of” burnout by putting the core IEP practices in place that will support you, your resiliency, and your leadership
  • access bonus assessments to help you get into “right” (and real) relationship with your resiliency, energy, leadership, and burnout risk
  • participate in recorded exercises (by yours truly) not only teaching the method, but also going into The Bubble, The IEP Energetic Xylophone, The IEP-3, and “Run Your Numbers”
  • learn how to use the IEP Sheet for anything (we’ve built in 17 examples — with the actual sheet and a video walking you through it — from different roles, industries, and conversations/projects) to set yourself up for success in your next sales conversation, employee feedback session, project, presentation, parenting challenges, team meeting, difficult convo (including “the divorce conversation” — you all know I like to keep this content real!), keynote/talk, and more.
  • do this with your team (or whole organization) to become more present, intentional, and aware of your impact together

Additionally, each Sunday for seven weeks you’ll receive a weekly IEP-103 Beat (2-5 minute audio in your inbox specific to IEP-103) and an IEP Sunday Set-Up to help you kick off your week while integrating best practices throughout.

This program is on our e-learning platform and comes with:

  • a fieldwork guide (printable and type-able online),
  • video training,
  • integration worksheets,
  • an IEP Grid (to link content to the IEP-Activator and IEP-W Programs if you have one or both of them),
  • several bonus modules and resources that we’ve found most helpful when teaching this program live,
  • 17 sample IEP Sheets, using real-life situations, conversations, and experiences to support you in making this work even more real.

This program offers a solid entry into the IEP body of work with many of our other self-study and live offerings taking you deeper as needed. It also pairs beautifully with IEP-W: The Fundamentals Webinar Series (9.5 hours of content and training — see below for more information) if you want to go deeper into ideas and principles in the work.

Special Note: We’ve designed this course so that you can work through it on your own or with your team and we are loving the results. IF you are interested in setting up an enterprise-wide or team-integration program, which includes IEP-103 for all, and a combination of other components depending on your unique needs, please contact us.


User Experiences + Shares

Up-level your presence right out of the gate…

“I can say without hesitation IEP-103 delivers extraordinary value right out of the gate. I was floored by what I learned and observed about myself and my presence within the first few minutes. Mind opened, mind blown, action underway to be at my best. IEP-103 is the quick dose you need to get grounded…”

Shannyn Lee | Director of Coaching, Win Without Pitching

Engage in 103 with your entire organization to unify, transform, and up-level your culture…

“We signed up for IEP-103 for the entire organization – more than 100 people across all departments and regions. We made it into a friendly competition by creating an IEP Olympics and dividing the org into cross-functional teams so that there was 1) incentive to complete the programming by certain dates and 2) interaction among people who may not ordinarily get to work together. What has been so profound is not just the level of enthusiasm and adoption of the methodology, but the variety: each individual has taken something a little different from the framework or the way they apply it in their life. Furthermore, IEP has given us a common language – again, across the whole org – to support one another and find new ways to shine.

Two of the greatest shifts I see now are, first, in the common language for the company: it’s something Americans and Dutch can connect on, Engineers and Marketers, executives and early career individual contributors. It’s unifying and that is transformative. Second, many members of the BlueCrew have commented on how they are using it to change their perspective on things – it’s a tool for us to take a more constructive, positive approach even when things are tough: hard conversations with difficult customers; off days when the world is a lot (which is often!); or confidence to try new things that feel out of the comfort zone which leads to growth and development. Bringing IEP into our organization has been a transformative effort in ways big and small and we’re just getting started.”

Cory Munchbach | COO, BlueConic

Build your awareness, presence, and intentionality and up-level your meetings…

“The IEP Method has been the missing link in my leadership! It has allowed me to gain a much deeper awareness of my own presence and energy and intentionally choose the impact I want to have. Engaging in the IEP methodology has not only had a direct impact on my ability to run effective team meetings, but also on my ability to be present with my team within my organization. The IEP-103 is a great foundation and the vehicle to greater awareness, leadership and impact!” 

Steve Baynai | Physical Therapist and Partner at Team Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Join us and thousands of leaders and organizations, who are making IEP a part of their culture and leadership behaviors in order to create more usefully contagious leadership and an (authentically) Positive Energy Workplace™.

The Beat

IEP-W: Our IEP Fundamentals Course

Take this work deeper in this on-demand Workshop/Webinar

This 4-part Webinar Workshop Series will help you learn all the parts of the IEP Method at a deeper level, work the IEP Leadership Model (inside and out), create action plans, participate in exercises and practicum (privately), assess the (positive and negative) financial and cultural impact of energy, self-care, and well-being so you can tie this work to your bottom line, and have a tangible action plan as well as new skills to help you have more impact, lead more effectively, bring better energy and presence to any screen or room, AND have enough energy and presence for your life and loved one and self at the end of the day.

What you’ll learn and walk away with:

  1. Learn, put into immediate use, and create an IEP Practice using the 3 parts of IEP Method®
  2. Learn about “Energetic Hygiene” and “Energetic Equity,”how to create and build them, and why they are ESSENTIAL to your personal leadership and well-being (as well as team and organizational health)
  3. Determine the monetary and cultural value of your IEP and the cost of not tending to it (you can apply this exercise/formula individually and also for your team)
  4. Experiment with the IEP “States of Being” that support presence and tone shifting in your meetings, presentations, and conversations
  5. Learn the 4 things you must tend to (NOW) in order to either prevent OR partner with, and transform, burnout (if you’re already there)
  6. Learn the IEP Energetic Xylophone – what it is and how to use it – to create more intentional impact and shift your mood and energy AUTHENTICALLY
  7. Use the 5-Step Formula for the 3rd part of the IEP Method and apply it to your next meeting, conversation, or project



IEP Method® & Impact: An Overview of how your IEP effects your (and your people’s) leadership, culture, mental health, finances, and results (15-minute preview to the Webinar Workshop Series)

  1. Session 1: IEP Method® and Impact: Using It, Optimizing It, and Measuring It (Culturally & Financially)
  2. Session 2: The Essential You: Setting Intentions, Holding Your Space, and Leading Authentically
  3. Session 3: Building a Strong Energetic Field & Foundation: Setting Yourself Up For Success Through the 4 Quads
  4. Session 4: Putting it All Together: Creating Intentional Impact & Building Clean Relationships through Your IEP

Each session includes the video workshop, worksheets (and core slides from the deck to help you anchor in essential content), and transcripts of the entire video session to help you retain information in different ways and lighten up your note taking!

If you would like to do this program with your team or organization, please contact us with the number of people in your group and we will set you up with a team rate. Thank you!


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