Alison Macondray

I’ve come away with just a whole tool belt full of tools, depending on the situation, that I can do either by myself or before a meeting to actually intend what I want my presence to be. And that, also, I’m responsible for my impact. What also really surprised me was how incredibly intuitive we all are. I don’t think any of her exercises were more than a minute. And some people I didn’t know at all. And she just threw us in. And I really saw that within 30 seconds somebody could intuit things about me, what I needed to do for my leadership or things that I could do to have greater presence, that were right on. I really feel like IEP is completely native to how we’re wired as human beings. It’s a power that when we’re not intending, has complete impact on the room, and when we do intend with positive intent, the power is actually limitless. Anese has developed this subtle, powerful, “ninja” way of helping us understand IEP with specific, simple, easy tools to do it with that when put all together, can really change cultures and I actually think can change the planet.

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