Bryan Bayer

I’ve done a lot of trainings over the years. And regardless of how engaged I am, inevitably I’m always taking at least two 20-minute naps in the corner. I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m sitting all day or even engaging in group exercises, but I’m exhausted and tired. And I have trouble staying awake and energized, so I have to drink coffee or whatever. And yesterday, the first day of this IEP training, I never took a nap, I never felt tired and I’d had no caffeine all day. And for me, I’m like the nap guy whenever we’re doing trainings. So for me that was huge. And what, really, that told me, was that there was a real transmission from Anese about intention, energy and presence that comes right through into the work. And I felt it directly in a way I never have before in that first day. So there’s no greater testimonial to the work than how I feel as I’m bringing that in the moment, especially when it goes against the grain of the way things have been for me for so long.

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