Cheryl Perlis

I had no idea what leadership meant until I met Anese Cavanaugh. I began working with her on developing my business model. As a physician, we were not taught how to manage staff or even work as a team. I’ve learned how important it is for me as a Leader to bring positive energy and to be congruent with my beliefs. Anese helped me create a strong team, how to work with each person, and how to be an integral part of that team while leading them. She taught me how to create a positive environment, and create shared outcomes and accountability with my staff. The most significant piece for me has been in how I feel, my energy, my alignment with my objectives for myself and for patient care. I’ve gotten very clear on what I need to do, and the presence I need to have, in order to be the leader I want to be. Even three years, after our initial work began together, the impact continues to grow and create ripple effects on my team, our patients, and our business’ success.

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