Karen Lemen

Anese is nothing short of amazing. She came recommended to me by a former colleague who had also been recommended Anese. After initially speaking with Anese on the phone, I was excited to bring her into my organization to provide leadership coaching. Others within my organization have tried to bring in others coaches with little degree of success. From the get go, it was evident that Anese was able to command a room of highly skeptical, but eager to learn directors, with an appropriate level of enthusiasm and a compassionate, but professional disposition. After our initial 2-day session, I knew I had to secure budget for the following year to engage with Anese on a more regular and ongoing engagement. She embodies authenticity and comes armed with a diverse toolkit that allows her to not only move adeptly with changing dynamics, but change course on a dime to facilitate in the moment in service of her client’s needs. Her work with our organization has been broad and deep, to include private, individual coaching with our directors, partnering with our founders, team dynamics and facilitation with our leadership team and we’ve been able to have her bring her core methodology for energy and presence to our entire organization for a company-wide group experience. Her approach is holistic, powerful and passionate all at the same time. I highly recommend Anese to any individual or organization who is looking for a leadership coach and facilitator who knows how to engage with people with integrity, heart and professionalism.

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