Steven Wilkinson

Working with Anese has made me think more deeply about my role and responsibility as a leader. It is not just that she has offered a completely different perspective on the business of business, but she has shown me, always gently, that there is so much more to the business of life than that which I was focusing on beforehand. Through her coaching and guidance I have literally changed my view of the world and the previous burden of leading has become much lighter and more enjoyable to carry. I have started receiving energy rather than expending my own. This is the true gift… My advice to anyone who is overwhelmed by the pace and complexity of leading and drained of life energy to the point of exhaustion or who is just hurting from the weight of responsibility: talk to Anese. Let her into your life and let her guide you back to yourself. It is a great gift to yourself and one that you will never regret.

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