IEP Women’s Leadership Cohort

Dear Impact Maker:

How are you? How are you taking care of yourself? How are you clarifying where you spend time, energy, and attention? How are you helping those around you be better in their leadership?

If right now is feeling extra intense as you navigate 2021 (and all the things), you are not alone. In fact, you’re in such grand company, that I’ve created a special leadership cohort series to create space for those who are committed to their growth and impact, the nourishment of their culture and people, AND their own well-being all at the same time. If you could use some training, coaching, support, and up-leveling of your leadership and culture, read on…

IEP Women’s Leadership Cohort: Starts February 17th (Registration closes 2/14)

IEP Team & Culture Cohort: Starts April 7th (Register now)


Whether you’re navigating change, moving through (or working to prevent) burnout, want to build your resiliency and ability to lead, want to expand your team and cultural health in a remote world, or just want to create more more space, trust, and ease, your INTENTIONS, ENERGY, and PRESENCE matter. Which is where the IEP work comes in…

IEP Impact Cohorts give you the experience of the IEP Method® and a space and practice to really make this work a part of your being. Cohorts meet as a group over 6 weeks for 90 minutes a week. In between sessions, you integrate the content and practices, in real-time, into your life and leadership. And then we come together again to deepen the learning and integrate further. For those who want extra support, there is a private coaching with me upgrade option.

There are two types of training cohorts (each 6 weeks): 1) IEP Leadership Cohort: Building YOUR Leadership & Resiliency, and 2) IEP Culture Cohort: Building Your Team’s Health & Cultural Sustainability. To ensure a personalized experience, spaces are limited.


Tuition: $2,500/person/cohort

Coaching Upgrade: $2,500 (by application)

This program IS:

  • A blend of content, group work, exercises, discussion, 1:1 coaching (optional), and integration in between sessions (with optional access to additional resources as you desire) to support your leadership, well-being, and people development and relationships (aka culture)
  • A safe space to come together with other leaders for honest talk, connection, a breath, and sharing about what’s REALLY going on
  • A blend of my expertise, experience, training, methodology, and best practices that come from an extensive background of working with leaders and their organizations for over twenty years, and working with humans, athletes, and performers for longer than that.
  • Based upon the principles of the IEP Method® and my books Contagious Culture and Contagious You (McGraw-Hill, 2015 and 2019 respectively), with the present-day needs of the pandemic, remote working, and holistic well-being integrated in to support you now
  • Offered in two focused cohorts, one on YOU and one on your team and culture, to meet you where you’re at when you need it. You can take one or both.
  • Customized with core content to serve your leadership, resiliency, and cultural needs (each group will have core content, however it will be customized to fit the unique needs of the group).
  • Something that you “learn once,” practice for the rest of your life, and keep forever. You’ll take it with you wherever you go. It applies to everything; work, family, relationships, health, coaching your kid’s soccer team. The more you tune into it, and are intentional with it, the stronger it becomes in every area of your life.

This program is for you if:

  • You are feeling isolated, burnt out, daunted, pulled, exhausted, or overwhelmed, and self-care — time and energy to tend to yourself — feels like an impossibility.
  • You are feeling as if you have no clue how to lead right now, or like you’re letting people you care about down somehow, or you’re not sure how to find your footing as your organization deals with the challenges of change (even if that change is navigating the demands that can come with success).
  • Life as you knew it is gone; your kids maybe home, your normal social life and connection with people is still virtual, and even though you are an excellent sport, you’re just feeling the whirl of it all and maybe even a little disconnected.
  • You just really want to be a better, more solid, more grounded, present, and impactful leader who leads a healthy team and creates a special and positively usefully contagious culture…
  • You’d love a space to learn and be with other leaders who are grappling with their own business and leadership challenges, who are willing to talk about them and share learning, and who are committed to their growth, self-accountability, impact, and people as well.
  • You are willing to take care of yourself. There will be a self-care component of this program. It is important (we will co-design it so it works congruently for you).
  • You will honor other participants in the program by honoring their time and also holding confidentiality for anything they bring (we’ll design agreements up front).

When you feel overwhelmed, when you can’t find time to take care of yourself, when you feel daunted by leadership or the world, and when you want to up-level your leadership impact and culture…IS the time to GET STILL and get CLEAR. Your INTENTIONS matter. Your ENERGY matters. Your PRESENCE and how you show up (for yourself and for others) matters. And what you need to LEAD and BE WELL matters. This is where IEP comes in.

Contagious You book image

What we work on in the two cohorts:

Leadership Resiliency & Congruency Cohort (LRC):

  1. Personal Leadership, Presence, and Burnout Assessment. You’ll start the cohort with a few assessments to identify where you’re at, what you need, and potential blindspots that — tended to and nourished — can move you to the next level and beyond. You’ll use these as an anchor for your program. Then we dig into the IEP Methodology and…
  2. Energetic Hygiene, Presence Work, and Leadership Self-Care. Bringing “clean energy” and intentions to those you lead, cultivating an honest Intentional Energetic Presence® that “invites” vs. forces or repels, “holding your space,” creating a self-care practice (this is not just about “bubble baths” and “workouts”), self-care agreements, and a new relationship with self-care and energetic hygiene as non-negotiable leadership skills.
  3. Personal “Inside/Out” Leadership Work. Strengthening YOU as leader, your relationship with yourself, your congruency criteria, values and beliefs exploration and alignment, authorship of your experience, clarifying your intentions and purpose, navigating “imposter syndrome,” asking for help, and changing your relationship with “failure” and “success” in the ways you may not realize it’s holding you back.
  4. Resiliency Building. Honoring the authentic emotion and challenges of whatever is occurring, creating space for healing and processing safely, mining the learning and gifts, partnering with stress and ambiguity in new ways, reframing, avoiding (or partnering with and even transforming) burnout, engaging appropriate support for well-being and mental health, understanding “becoming” and the stages of change, utilizing “choice points” to support rewiring and state shifting, and learning how to use it all in service of growth and impact.
  5. Leadership Skills Work. Core leadership skills required for effective communication, creating safe space, growing other leaders, and creating results. These may include feedback (giving and receiving), enrolling (vs. empowering or persuading), reframing and language, accurate reporting and accountability practices, creating intentional impact, intention clarification, servant leadership, response-ability vs. responsibility, and conversation/meeting design.

Note: Each group will have core fundamental content we work on. Based upon assessment results and the member’s needs, the “exact” agenda and content-timing will be designed to fit the needs of each cohort.

Team Health & Cultural Sustainability Cohort (TCC):

  1. Team, Culture, and Cultural Sustainability Assessment. You’ll start this cohort with an assessment to identify where your team and organization is at, what you need, and potential blindspots that — tended to and nourished — can move you to the next level and beyond. You’ll use this as an anchor for your program for your team/cultural work. Then, using the IEP Method® and a wide range of tools and practices we dig in…
  2. Remote Teaming, Energy, Safety, and Trust Building. How you show up with your team will determine how far you can all go together. We’ll work on the essentials for creating a healthy team (remotely or in person), managing the lowest vibration in the room, and clarifying and creating agreements and shared values that support the safety, productivity, and trust of the team.
  3. Leading Your Team and Organization Through Stress and Ambiguity. As a leader, not only are you dealing with your own stress and ambiguity, you are response-able for supporting and leading your team and organization through their’s. There are tools and frameworks to do this (which build nicely on the work we do in LRC) which you’ll use immediately with your team.
  4. Relational and Collaboration Work. Clearing negative energy and dynamics in relationships, co-designing healthy relationships and systems, navigating conflict, transforming relationships, loving (and learning from) your “nemesis” and the intimidating or “difficult” people in your life, and creating clean agreements.
  5. Components of a Healthy Culture Today. Addressing systems and cultural health and game plans, the 7 components required for a healthy culture now, and creating a game plan for buy-in and integration amongst your workforce and team, authentically and in a way that will be trusted. 
  6. Measuring Costs and Honoring Progress in Culture Creation Now. How you measure success may need (and want) to shift a bit now so we’ll dig into what “success” actually means in your culture now and how do you honor progress so that all feel seen, heard, and cared for?

Note: Each group will have core fundamental content we work on. Based upon assessment results and the member’s needs, the “exact” agenda and content-timing will be designed to fit the needs of each cohort.

Anese teaching
Contagious You book image

Process for Cohorts: Registration and Digging In!

Cohorts meet for six weeks as a group, 90 minutes each week, to dig into content and group work. In between sessions, you’ll have light integration work so that the content becomes REAL in your life. If you would like additional support, you may apply for a private coaching upgrade.

The process and components are as follows:

  • Register below for the next cohort to secure your space. (Either or both cohorts, see below.)
  • You will receive a confirmation of your space in the course along with links to a few assessments and suggested pre-work should you like to get started early.
  • If you would like to take advantage of the optional coaching upgrade, you’ll be asked to fill in a short form to help us work together more effectively. Once I’ve reviewed it, you’ll be sent a link for payment and a link to my schedule to set your times up.
  • You will receive your materials for the program three days before we launch as a group.
  • We’ll meet for six 90-minute sessions (virtually), once a week (Wednesdays, from 12pm – 1:30pm Pacific), as a cohort to work the IEP Method®, dig into content, work on real-time challenges, and learn skills, practices, and ways of being to support integration throughout the week..
  • At the end of six weeks, you will receive a certificate of completion for this cohort. If you move into session two, the culture cohort or the leadership cohort — depending on where you started, you’ll receive a special certificate for both as well as be eligible to move into a graduate circle in the future.

Register below.

Next Leadership Cohort begins February 17, 2021. Next Culture Cohort begins April 7, 2021.

Let’s do this!

Leadership Resiliency Cohort

For leaders who want to learn the IEP Method, up-level their leadership resiliency, presence, trust, congruency, and impact and be a more grounded, inspiring, helpful, useful, and positively contagious leader (at work and at home).

  • Assessments and Pre-Work
  • 6 weeks of group cohort meetings — 90 minutes each (includes content, Q&A, exercises, and coaching)
  • Training Integration & Fieldwork Guide for Cohort
  • Access to the Weekly IEP Beat for weekly cadence and accountability support
  • Access to online RESET Program + IEP School Level 1 (Personal & Self-Mastery)
  • 10% discount on Learning Labs and online programs and training for you and your team (valid up to 90 days after LRC ends)
  • Limited to 10 participants due to the nature of the work

Investment: $2,500/person

Coaching Upgrade: $2,500 (includes two fifty-minute sessions + additional program access as serves your specific needs)

Team & Culture Cohort

For leaders who want to up-level the IEP of their organization as well as their ability to lead their teams, create trust, safety, and connection (especially remotely), and build a healthy and sustainable positively contagious culture.

  • Assessments and Pre-Work
  • 6 weeks of group cohort meetings — 90 minutes each (includes content, Q&A, exercises, and coaching)
  • Training Integration & Fieldwork Guide for Cohort
  • Access to the Weekly IEP Culture Beat for weekly cadence and accountability support
  • Access to online Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Toolkit and IEP School Level 2 (Team & Relationship Mastery)  
  • 10% discount on Learning Labs and online/self-paced programs and training for you and your team (valid up to 90 days after TCC ends)
  • Limited to 20 participants

Investment: $2,500/person

Coaching Upgrade: $2,500 (includes two fifty-minute sessions + additional program access as serves your specific needs)

Mastery Cohort: Both Cohorts

For leaders who want to up-level their leadership resiliency, presence, self-care, and impact AND also lead their teams and culture more effectively. This option includes both cohorts as well as the option for private coaching throughout.

  • Assessments and Pre-Work
  • 12 Weeks of group cohort meetings — 90 minutes each (includes all involved in both cohorts)
  • Training Integration & Fieldwork Guides for Cohorts
  • Access to the Weekly IEP Beats for weekly cadence and accountability support
  • Access to programs in LRC and TCC + access to the IEP Fundamentals Workshop/Webinar (IEP-W) and IEP Team Tool Kit (BONUS)
  • 10% discount on Learning Labs and self-paced online programs (valid up to 90 days after MC ends)
  • Limited to 20 participants (Private Coaching option limited to 10)

Investment: $4,500/person for both

Coaching Upgrade: $4,500 (includes four fifty-minute sessions + additional program access as serves your specific needs)

Thank you for being here! We do our best to pay this work forward in multiple ways and we can’t do it without you. Please know that 10% of our monthly profits go towards supporting food security and 10% of all proceeds go into a scholarship fund to help subsidize business leaders who’ve been significantly impacted by the pandemic and cannot afford to pay full fees in our programs. If you would like to sponsor someone in a program or know someone who can benefit from our intentions here, please let us know. Thank you for your partnership, leadership, and support.

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