IEP-Leadership Course

IEP-LEAD: An IEP Virtual Leadership Program

There are no more public sessions in 2020, see below to book a private session in 2021.


IEP Lead is a virtual workshop experience to learn IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence® and the IEP Method®) in a deeper way as well as to work with managing, navigating, and preventing burnout, building resiliency, up-leveling leadership, relationship dynamics, conflict, feedback, and other collaboration skills necessary for creating healthy relationships and a positively and usefully contagious culture (especially in a remote work world)…

This workshop has been designed to give you all the best of the IEP Fundamentals as well as experience the core leadership skills we’ve found most valuable in our work with organizations, business leaders, and humans who want to have more command of their life, create healthier relationships, AND feel good.

This program is taught over 3 days (3.5-hour sessions each day, or as co-designed if you are sponsoring a session privately in your organization) with a small group of people to ensure intimacy and personalized attention in the session. 

In addition to the session, participants are provided with: 

  • pre-work and access to our Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Program before the session to support in intention setting and preparation, 
  • post-work and the 7-Week IEP Beat after the session to support a weekly drumbeat of intention setting and integration of the IEP-LEAD concepts,
  • an optional follow up live virtual session a month later for group Q&A, reuniting, and digging into anything else needed,

While the IEP Fundamentals (IEP-V) gives you the experience and integration of the core methodology, IEP-LEAD builds on the fundamentals with tangible, immediately-applicable skills to use as you strengthen your leadership and presence, create more space in your life, up-level your ability to connect, influence, build rapport, create safety, navigate conflict, and create intentional impact with those you love and lead.  The agenda for our time together is below…

Overall Agenda for our 3 Days Together:

Day 1 | Intentions & Impact: IEP Core Methodology, Virtual Presence, Financial & Cultural Impact, Triage or Optimization 

  1. Learn, and put into immediate use, the 3 parts of the IEP Method®
  2. Learn how to create agreements as a team, organization, or partnership that support you all in showing up at your best and skipping resentment, gossip, and drama
  3. Determine the monetary and cultural value of your IEP and the cost of not tending to it and what to do about it (you can apply this exercise/formula individually and also for your team) as well as if you are in “triage” or “optimization” mode
  4. Learn about “Energetic Hygiene” and “Energetic Equity,” how to create and build them, and why they are ESSENTIAL to your personal leadership, well-being, resiliency, and burnout navigation/prevention (as well as team and organizational health)
  5. Learn how to BUBBLE UP, hold space, and navigate chaos while staying present to YOURSELF
  6. Experiment with the IEP “States of Being” that support presence and tone shifting in your meetings, presentations, and conversations
  7. Create part one of your IEP action plan for the “4Cs” (Essential You + Intentions + 4Cs)

Day 2 | Energy & Presence: Energetic Hygiene, Self-Care and Congruency, Addressing Burnout, Building Resiliency  

  1. Learn the IEP Energetic Xylophone — what it is and how to use it — to create more intentional impact and shift your mood and energy AUTHENTICALLY
  2. Get feedback on your presence and the most powerful ways to shift it and amplify impact (virtually or in person) 
  3. Activate Quads 1 and 2 (Internal IEP) and learn the 4 things you must tend to (NOW) in order to either prevent OR partner with, and transform, burnout (if you’re already there)
  4. Learn and apply the Contagion Factor Formula™ (CFF) to evaluate your business results and relational impact with others
  5. Learn about OPPPE (“other people’s problems, projections, and expectations”) and how to know what’s YOURS, what’s not, and how to gracefully navigate
  6. Learn the 5-Step Formula (from the 3rd part of the IEP Method) building upon everything in day 1 and day 2 to apply it to your next meeting, conversation or project
  7. Create part two of your IEP acton plan and practice for relational and leadership impact (CFF + Quads 1-3)

Day 3 | Leadership IEP: Feedback Skills, Relationship Navigation, Intentional Impact, Creating Safety, Building Culture  

  1. Learn how to shift the energy in the room, navigating the “lowest vibration” so you honor all parties and optimize your meeting outcomes
  2. Learn the IEP Feedback Model for providing productive feedback on tangible and intangible impact
  3. Learn the IEP Conflict Navigation Model and how to discern what conflict actually is, how to address it most powerfully, thoughtfully, and effectively, and how to get yourself (and invite your colleagues) into the right “head and heart” space to dig in
  4. Learn the IEP Relational Design Model and how to set yourself (and your team, colleague, friend, spouse, partner) up for success proactively and before relationships get tricky
  5. Review the IEP Culture Change List and assess where your team, relationship, or organization can move forward next with your NEW information
  6. An additional framework, tool, or principle determined by Anese by the themes and needs of the group
  7. Create the final part of your IEP action plan and practice. (Q4 + Intentional Impact + Culture)

This session is highly experiential and interactive, it is confidential, and it will arm you with new tools, practices, and ways of being to support your leadership, impact, and results today. (Note: If you would like to participate in a less intensive session, and only want the fundamentals of IEP (vs. the 3rd day and skills focus), please consider IEP Fundamentals (IEP-V).)

This session is taught by Anese. Spaces are limited. 

There are no more public sessions for IEP Leadership in 2020.

If you’d like to book a private session for your organization in 2021, please contact us.

Want to bring this work in-house or host a private session?

IEP-LEAD can be customized to fit your organization and/or team’s needs via private engagement.

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