Contagious Culture & Leadership Experience (CCLE)

What is your Intention? How are you managing your Energy? What is your Presence?
Are these things helping you create the impact you want in your organization and life?
Are they helping you create a culture of innovation, leadership, collaboration, and results?

Join us for our newest session, the CCLE, and learn how to create a culture of leadership, collaboration, innovation, and impact. In addition, the IEP-Activator Certification Program is now here to support you in bringing this content more deeply into your organization.

In this experiential 1.5-day session you will learn how to:

  • Use and integrate the IEP Method® into your everyday life building a strong energetic presence that will support you in all you do
  • Be in “productive relationship” with healthy accountability and ownership becoming the cause of your energy, presence, and impact vs. the effect of your energy, presence, and impact
  • Become a better collaborator and communicator with those you lead and love
  • Be at choice around how you show up, how you choose language that serves, and how you author your story (effectively) — or not
  • Optimize your leadership presence and influence both in 1:1, group, and front of the room engagements
  • Navigate and partner with “busy”, “overwhelm”, and simple “discombobulation” (even eliminating them if you so choose)
  • Create healthy agreements, give and receive productive feedback, navigate conflict, create alignment, and intentionally design the impact you want to have
  • Identify, address, and create your ROI plan on the 7 factors of cultural and organizational health

So you can:

  • Be a solid collaborator that gets better results through accessing untapped creativity and energy, while evoking the best in others
  • Be a leader people want to follow vs. have to follow, leading and inspiring your teams via inspiration, heart and abundance, vs. via obligation, fear, and scarcity
  • Become a more powerful influencer, and get the most out of your team, by being a positive (not negative) “contagion” and force in your life and organization
  • Cultivate leaders and a culture that magnetically attracts, retains, inspires, and champions top talent to become even better (as well as gracefully, effectively, and humanly address talent that’s not working out as well)
  • Optimize for best thinking, creativity, and results by the way you show up, create safety, and inspire contribution
  • Create your life, impact, and relationships — by intention, presence, and design — in a way that feels aligned and congruent for YOU, and…
  • Set yourself up for success to BE and BRING the best version of YOU to the table everyday (at work, at home, on the road, and everywhere in between)
  • Feel good while doing all of this

Spend 1.5 days with us to dive in deep, get this work into your body, and integrate it into your business and life.

Explore how your culture, leadership, and IEP impacts your:

  • Leadership and Teamwork. In influencing and creating great results with your team, building collaboration abilities, increasing resiliency, navigating conflict, and getting people to follow you because they WANT to, not HAVE to. (Inquiry: How does your IEP impact the people you lead?)
  • Client Relationships. In how clients respond to you – and continue to work with you (or not) – as a leader/service provider/trusted advisor. (This work has big impact on personal relationships too!) (Inquiry: What is your intention for your clients? Is it directed in the right place?)
  • Creativity and Innovation. In creating the safest, most open, clear, inspiring space possible for people to do their best work, bring their edgiest thinking/ ideas, and give you 100%. (Inquiry: Does your leadership style/culture optimize for risk-taking, honest conversations, and pleasurable collaboration?)
  • Culture.In how it’s effecting energy, productivity, trust, innovation, and the attractiveness level of your company as a “great place to work” (or not). (Inquiry: What kind of culture are you personally creating? By how you show up, the measurements you put in place, and 7 other factors we’ll explore.)
  • Your Life. In feeling amazing so you can do all you’re here to do and enjoy yourself, your life, and family in the process. (Inquiry: Do you have enough energy, stamina, and YOU for the rest of your life and relationships when you’re “done” with work? How do you “hold your space” so you can have it all?)

Day 1 (all day): Foundations of Cultural & Leadership IEP, we…

  • Learn the IEP Method
  • Complete an IEP Individual and Cultural Assessment to identify the gaps in your own IEP and how they’re impacting your leadership, your culture, your business results, and your life. (Done before session.)
  • Contagious Costs: Determine your contagiousness factor with the new “Contagion Factor Formula™” and also the cost of negative energy in your life and organization/team with the new IEP/ROI/Culture Cost Indicator.
  • Identify the gaps in your leadership, relationships, and internal satisfaction that are being impacted by your IEP (and how you’re contributing positively or negatively to them).
  • Learn and embody the basic Tenets of IEP and dive into the 4 core quadrants of the model so that you can “get in front of it” and integrate in real time.
  • Learn how to adjust your energy and presence instantaneously, so that you can tap into deeper wisdom and intuition, address what’s happening in the moment, create impact independent of your external environment, and intentionally influence others – no matter the circumstances.
  • Work with your body and presence from the inside out so that you can create more intentional impact and feel good doing so.
  • Learn tools, practices and strategies for building a strong IEP “bank” that will allow you to navigate “busy”, “overwhelm”, and “discombobulation” more effectively setting a proactive vs. reactive tone.
  • Unlock access to greater creativity, purpose, intuition, empathy, and intention. (The person with the strongest intention, purpose, and vibe “wins” – BE that person.)
  • Learn how to hold your space, not match the “lowest vibration in the room,” and even shift your state and presence so they step up to “match” YOU.
  • Identify and make decisions that are currently hindering you (you likely don’t even know what these are yet) that will shift the way you relate, create impact, and experience internal peace in your decision making, work, and relationships.

These are our core areas of focus for day 1. The agenda for day 1 is organic and customized to meet the needs and energy of each individual group. Therefore we do not provide a formal agenda publicly. Sessions on day one run from 9-5, with a 45-minute lunch break (generally on-site).

Day 2 (Morning): Leadership Optimization & Culture Creation, we…

  • Capture any remaining core learnings for you and your organization to put into a Leadership Optimization & Culture Creation Plan that you will begin to implement immediately upon return to your work/life.
  • Explore the updated “Culture Change List” which is the list of TO-DOs to support a healthy team and culture (these to-do’s are only as good as the IEP under them, so that’s why we set the foundation here on day 1. You’ll see. 😉
  • Learn 3-4 new leadership and collaboration skills based upon what will serve you and your group most to support your needs. (These are determined at the end of day one and designed for into day 2. Examples of these skills are: conflict navigation and resolution, productive feedback, relationship and agreement design, accountability and drama management, team meeting optimization, effective performance reviews, design session debriefing, shifting the energy in a room, optimizing hiring practices, creative collaboration, toxicity purging, energetic hygiene optimization, and others.)
  • Create structures to make this all real when you go back (these may include how to introduce this work and principles to your team, how to set up guardrails and structures to support cultural IEP, follow up practices to keep the content alive, and more).

Day two runs from 9-12:30 after which time you are free go OR… if you wish to stay for the rest of the day, you are invited to join us for the IEP-Activator Training and Certification (IEP-AC) Program* to learn how to bring this work back to your organization and clients.

*NEW!!! Day 2 (Afternoon), IEP-Activator Training & Certification (Optional Upgrade): 

Want to bring this work back to your organization and clients without having them go through the full session? Want to have others share some of the core skills, principles, and language from the IEP work so that you can accelerate integration and have others with you who are also “doing the work”? Great. We have a way to do that! The IEP-Activator Toolkit & Online Program is a toolkit you can purchase from the site and use in a self-based manner. (You can get this without attending the CCLE.) However, if you want hands on training with the content, a live session with Anese, access to more content and upgrades, and to be able to use the designation of IEP-AC (Certified Activator), you’ll want to stay for the afternoon.

During the afternoon (on day 2 of CCLE) we:

  • Go through all exercises and resources in the Activator Toolkit: what they are, how to use them, best practices for facilitation (some of these will be familiar as you’ll just be finishing 1.5 days in the room with me)
  • Run practicum on 3-4 of the core exercises so you have real time learning and experience facilitating them
  • Discuss the nuances, “watch outs,” and secrets of sharing and facilitating this work most effectively
  • Take your IEP-Activator Certification Test and send you on your way to Activate!

There will be a follow up Q&A call about 30 days after training to support your group on the back end. There are also quarterly Q&A’s for all IEP-ACs for ongoing care and integration. Note: You may add the IEP-AC during the CCLE, however it is highly recommended that you register for the IEP-AC and the CCLE at the same time for cost savings and also so we can plan for you!



Let’s do this!

Experiential. Real. Immediately applicable. Just bring YOU. (And your colleagues/team for even more impact.) All of our events are highly experiential, featuring awesome people (you’re one of them), great food (clean and delicious!!), awesome coffee and tea (we fuel you right!), good chocolate (always!), new friends and colleagues, and tons of goodies to support your internal and external IEP on both days. And we have goodies, serious goodies. Everyone loves these goodies. And you can get them by attending our live events. Oh. So. Good.

Feedback and dreams. 99% of the time when people attend these sessions we hear three common forms of feedback: 1) I wish my colleague/spouse/boss/etc. was here and knew this stuff, 2) I see that this is not just for my work, this impacts my family and personal life as well, and, 3) how do I get my people on board with these ideas? We’ve designed these sessions and the enrollment opportunities (as well as the IEP-Activator Toolkit and the IEP-AC option) with this ongoing feedback in mind.

It’s not for everyone, give it a minute. Growth takes courage. Talking about “intentions, energy, and presence” in business can take grit, trust, curiosity, and faith. We want people in these sessions who are ready to show up, get curious, lean in, do the work, and create big change in service of themselves and those they lead. So… If you are committed to complaining, think that you have zero work to do on yourself, like to blame everyone else for your dissatisfaction, get a lot of mileage out of your drama, or aren’t willing to be fully present for the session and lean in with me and the others, don’t come. (Start instead by reading one of my books or using an online program.) If you want to create change, are open to being the master author and navigator of your life to create that change, are more committed to creating impact and solutions than you are to complaining or snarking, are devoted to leading your life, building a healthy culture, and creating solid results, and can show up present with me for the session, join us, we’ll do awesome work. We’d LOVE to have you.

Next Session: Due to the Pandemic this live session is on hold. We will resume when we can all be together. In the meantime, please join us for one of our virtual sessions (either the IEP Fundamentals or IEP Executive Impact Intensive). Stay safe. Stay well. Stay you. Keep leading. Keep growing. Go. XO 

We make it easier to bring your people with special team fare! Bring 4 (or more) people from your team for the CCLE and receive 20% off each ticket. (Code at checkout: TEAM). Note: The tickets must be ordered all at once in order to redeem TEAM code. Please put your teammates’ names and emails in comments section when registering. (Limit 10 members per team, if you want to have more than 10 people, please inquire about doing a private CCLE for your organization.)

Investment Options: 

  • CCLE only: $995.00/person
  • IEP-Activator Toolkit ONLY (no CCLE and no IEP-AC): $2500/Activator one time fee (can purchase here now)*
  • IEP-Activator Certification* (includes CCLE, IEP-A Toolkit, AND Certification/Training): $5,000/IEP-AC (Plus $5,000/year annual renewal for access to ongoing certification and license, training, new content, and benefits. Annual renewals starts one year after initial IEP-AC session.)
  • Proactive Registration for CCLE + IEP-AC Bundle: $5,000 (save $995)
  • Reactive Registration for CCLE + IEP-AC: $5,995 [$995 original registration + $5,000 for IEP-AC (includes the Activator Toolkit)]

*Note: For current IEP-Activators, upgrading to the IEP-AC is only $2500 and includes the CCLE – thank you for being an early Activator!


We’ve spelled out the CCLE pretty extensively here, if you have questions, contact us and a team member will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime, here are some FAQs for the IEP-Activator and IEP-AC Programs.

Do you offer team discounts for IEP-Activator Program or IEP-AC? For the Activator Program alone, no. For IEP-AC, yes. If you enroll 4 or more people for the CCLE+IEP-AC Bundle, we give you 20% off each Activator’s tuition. (Proactive Registration for this is $5K/person, so this is a $1K savings per person.) Note that this must be enrolled in BEFORE the event. If you decide to stay for the IEP-AC during the CCLE, there will be no discount.

I’m already an IEP-Activator, can I upgrade to Certification? Yes, please do. As a current Activator you can participate in the IEP-AC (which includes the CCLE) for $2500 (savings of $995). Your annual renewal (of $5,000/year) will begin a year after training along with everyone else.



How, what, when? The IEP-Activator Certification Training Program occurs after the CCLE Session on the second half of day two. (You must attend both days of CCLE and have your IEP-Activator Toolkit to get your IEP-AC). This designation gives you live training as well as allows you to share the exercises and tools from the IEP-Activator Toolkit & Program in your client work and with your team. (Note: If you have 10 or more IEP-ACs for your company, Anese can do a private training to support your specific needs.)

What’s IEP School got to do with it? For IEP-ACs, you will receive access to IEP School that you can use content from in your work as well. (IEP-Activators also receive access to IEP School for their own personal development, however do not have license to share that content with others.) The additional live training, Q&A calls, and resources with IEP-AC enable more effective sharing of IEP School.  

Do I have to attend the full 1.5 days of the CCLE to do the IEP-AC session in the afternoon? YES.

Do I need to have the IEP-Activator Kit for my IEP-AC? YES. It all works together. If you’re coming in directly as an IEP-AC, the IEP-A and the CCLE are included in the program to get you set up right. (Note: As soon as you register for IEP-AC, you get access to IEP-Activator online resources. #headstart)

What’s the difference between being just an IEP-Activator (IEP-A) vs. a Certified Activator (IEP-AC)? IEP-As pay a one-time fee for the toolkit ($2500) and access to IEP-School for themselves. They can share the exercises and content from the toolkit (NOT the private platform) with their clients and organization, however, not IEP-School. There is NO live engagement with Anese in this program, it is all self-paced. IEP-ACs pay for their Certification Program ($5K which includes the CCLE and the IEP-A) which gives them access to all tools, live training with Anese, quarterly Q&A calls with Anese (or a Certified IEP-Coach), ongoing new content, certification designation, a post training group call, and a license to share content from IEP School with their clients and organization (again, not the platform, but the content). The IEP-AC requires an annual renewal to maintain all benefits.

Do you recommend a certain ratio of IEP-Activators/ACs to employees? You can manage this as you please and we’ve found that 1:50 works well depending on the depth you want to take the work and how often you want to share content. (ie. Deeper and often – more IEP-ACs, lighter share – less, etc.) We do very much advocate for at least TWO Activators/IEP-ACs in your organization so they can partner in implementation.

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