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Use IEP in your organization, or with your clients, with the IEP-Activator Toolkit. With this toolkit, you’ll not only continue to strengthen your own IEP, leadership, and vitality, but support others in developing theirs as well, guiding them to build their resiliency, giving them frameworks for showing up more fully for themselves and others, coaching them in tools for collaboration and impact, leading with more presence, and helping to build a more positively contagious culture!

This self-study program has been intentionally crafted to help others who love the IEP work bring it to their clients and organizations in a supported manner. We will be launching a live training and certification program in 2022 for organizations who want to train Internal IEP-Activators as part of their IEP Integration Plan, and for certified coaches and facilitators who want to become a part of our Training & Implementation Team. You can start NOW with the self-study (it will be part of the core training either way) and if you are interested in live training, please sign up on the wait list below and we’ll be in touch soon. Thanks!

IEP-Activator (IEP-A) Toolkit & Program

The IEP-Activator Toolkit and online program is designed for people who want to use core tools and principles from Contagious You, Contagious Culture, and the IEP Method body of work to activate IEP within their organizations and with their clients. The program was designed for training & development professionals, coaches, educators, and team leaders who want to bring this work to their people in a way that is self-paced and authentic to their own style. The impact of IEP integration is deep and wide: resiliency, stress management, accountability, well-being, cleaner communication, effective conflict navigation, burnout and “busy” transformations, and more…

This program is a virtual self-paced program which includes an IEP-Activator Guide & Toolkit, online training modules and videos, transcripts of the videos, worksheets, exercises, and access to IEP School (level 1) for the Activator (for their own personal development and mastery). To support COVID times and the virtual and remote nature of our work now, there is also a new module to help translate the sharing of the content in a fully virtual format.

Please note: This program does NOT make you a Certified IEP-Activator, or a part of our Active Choices, Inc. Training & Implementation Team (you must go through our official ACI training, certification, and onboarding process to qualify for being a part of our T&I Team). This program does give you access to different tools and exercises shared in our training programs and books that will help you bring this work more alive in your organization in a self-guided manner. If you are part of an organization that would like to bring this work in formally for enterprise-wide integration, please contact us to discuss an Internal IEP-Activator Training Program for your team and talent.

IEP-Activator Tools include:

  • (01) Setting the Space for Successful Meetings: IEP Energy Check, IEP Presence Reboot, Creating Agreements, The Wall of Awesome, The 5-Steps to Intentional Impact, The IEP & Appreciation Moment, Environmental IEP Magic
  • (02) Creating Healthy a Healthy Culture (w/IEP) from the Inside Out: IEP Essential You Work, Tolerations, Turning Complaints into Productive & Meaningful Magic, IEP Tools Quick Sheets
  • (03) Presence, Connection, & Showing Up: The IEP Magic States & Connection Line Up, The IEP Energetic Xylophone
  • (04) Relational, Collaborative, and Cultural IEP:  Love Your Nemesis, the IEP Container Game, Co-Designing Healthy Partnerships & Agreements, The Cultural IEP Tool
  • (05) Support Structures & Tools: IEP Sheet, IEP Personal Assessment, IEP Cultural Assessment, IEP Integration Sheet for Teaming and 1:1 Work
  • (06) Book Discussion Guides and Exercises: Contagious You and Contagious Culture Discussion Guides (with video companions) to lead discussions and integrate the fieldwork from the book in your company and with your clients.  

As an IEP-Activator you will:

  • Have access to shared languaging and tools designed to increase team effectiveness and optimize personal IEP when using the core IEP Tools individually or together
  • Learn easily useable and shareable frameworks for rebooting your presence in the moment, creating intentional impact, and strengthening your energetic foundation
  • Have the ability to share core IEP content with your clients, groups, or team in an organized self-paced manner so that it complements what you’re already doing
  • Be able to pay this work forward in your organization (especially handy after going through IEP Live! or one of our events and you want to know “How do I get others to do this?!”)
  • Deepen your own IEP Practice as you continue to learn how to share it with others
  • Receive access to IEP School and IEP-A only communications
  • Have access to new content uploaded to the program as the work grows
  • Have access to special organizational pricing and training with 10 IEP-Activators or more

Meet our IEP-Certified Stewards & Training Team

Meet our IEP-C’s who’ve gone through extensive training with Anese, lead the IEP Fundamentals, and assist us in IEP-A Certification!

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